View Full Version : another shocking family confession by jermaine CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Edward Hitler
03-31-2009, 03:16 PM
after speaking to JZ again he let slip about the old days when he was but a small boy talking bout when fritzel Z sr once sparred with tyson back in the 80s before he lost 2 buster douglas FZ sr was infact the first man to knock tyson out was actually firtst round the footage has since been lost but im assured it happened so guess it did and thats the real reason he lost to buster not what was officialy said but JZ went on to say after this FZ sr was walking home across a goat field on his way to the crib and he spotted a young boy and girl and pulled his boot knife and made her do sexual things to the goat while having a power wank in the boys face then busting a nut up the goat and proceeding on his merry way the police interviewed FZ sr but he was never convicted due to noshing of the copper and swallowing a phatt load of pig juice aparently this is where FZ jr got his love of boxing and stroking small boys jermaine knows some ****ed up **** dunno if its just me he tells these things but im guessin it isnt