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03-23-2009, 01:04 PM

Chris Insinna

Penn-Florian at UFC 101 in Philadelphia; Coture-Nogueira at UFC 102 in Portland...

UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta took to the Underground Forums over the weekend to answer questions from fans about the UFC’s upcoming plans. Among the news Fertitta confirmed was that UFC 101, originally slated for August 8th in Portland, Oregon, will in fact take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as we reported late last week.

However, a bout between top heavyweights Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will not headline the event as rumored. Instead, a lightweight championship bout between title-holder BJ Penn and top contender Kenny Florian is in the works to fill the main event slot.

The bout between Couture and Nogueira will instead headline UFC 102 on August 29th at the Rose Garden in Portland.

Fertitta also posted that:

* The UFC is planning to return to Brazil, but is likely to hold an event in Australia first.

* There are no plans for another comeback season of “The Ultimate Fighter”, but something is being planned that will “blow everyone’s mind”.

* They are planning on holding events in the near future in Detroit, Chicago, and California.

* They have no plans for tournaments because they’re tough on the fighters and frowned on by the athletic commissions.

* He appreciates women in MMA and feels there’s a place for them on their shows if they can assemble a deep enough roster

* He respects the dispute between BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre, but wants “greasegate” to be over.

* Japan is impossible to do business with and the UFC is unlikely to hold another event in the country.