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02-14-2009, 04:05 AM
Hello all,

I just received a pair of 10oz Cleto Reyes Pro Fight gloves, purchased on ebay by BillBoxing.

He claims they are the "straight from Mexico factory" ones. (The ones from Ringside.com have a colored lining by the thumb and other areas of the gloves).

However, they feel and look softer and thicker than I expected. (After all, they are known as the professional puncher's gloves)

I have pics, comparing them to the everlast 10oz. amateur competition gloves:


as you can see, the knuckle padding is THICKER and feels SOFTER than the 10oz amateur competition gloves.

i also had a pair of everlast 10oz pro fight gloves, and the knuckle area on those are much thinner and harder than these 10oz reyes i just recieved.

Maybe i got the safetec version? (Link below)


I just had my sparring partner use my 10oz reyes pro fight gloves (from Industria Reyes factory in Mexico). We had a light sparring session since he was using 10oz gloves.

After taking a few shots from these gloves (even some hard ones), they seem very pillow-like. I am assuming these are the indeed the new "Safetec" version of reyes pro fight gloves.

the ebay user who sold them to me, BillBoxing, replied to my e-mail concerning the construction of these gloves:

The original Reyes fight glove and those still distributed by Ringside utilize a quilted hair foam combination padding. These new design Reyes right from Industrius Reyes S.A. Mexico I'm told are completely foam padded. These are what are sent out now from Mexico. The contrasting red color trim on the gloves from Ringside at $139.99 are hair padded. If you like them and are satisfied, I'd appreciate a feedback on the transaction. Thanks. Bill.

I guess I have the Safetec version. They are great gloves, by the way. I've even used them on the heavybag with full power, and I feel that they protect my hands better than my 10oz. everlast amateur gloves, and 10oz. everlast pro fight gloves.

Now, I'd like to get my hands on a pair of the original reyes pro fight gloves (quilted horse hair)

I think this is how it goes:

Cleto Reyes Pro Fight Gloves from ringside.com = horsehair/foam, colored thumb lining

Cleto Reyes Pro Fight Gloves from Industria Reyes factory in Mexico = Safetec all-foam padding, white thumb lining.

02-14-2009, 12:01 PM
you wanna sell those everlast gloves?