View Full Version : Otsuka vs Ninja **Pride Spoilers**

Curly Howard
02-09-2004, 02:15 PM
Do you think they sould have DQed Ninja or made it a no contest or did Pride do the right thing by letting Otsuka rest his injury?

02-09-2004, 03:58 PM
I think they did the right thing. A DQ or NC over an accidental groin kick never fells right. Remember Silva x Yvel......

02-09-2004, 04:25 PM
To the best of my knowledge Pride gives the fighter in Otsukas position the choice for a dq win or to rest up and continue later in the night. Otsuka chose to fight.

02-09-2004, 05:19 PM
Groin shot or no, I really don't think the outcome would've changed.