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02-04-2004, 09:42 AM
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Transcribed by Jeff Cain

Before last Saturday's fight against Jorge Rivera, Lee Murray talked with MMAWeekly about his UFC debut, his future, and Tito Ortiz. Who's next for Lee and who does he want to fight? We break it down with Lee Murray in our interview of the week.

Ryan Bennett: How are you doing Lee?

Lee Murray: Good.

RB: Let me ask you, how tough is it to get your body adjusted to the United States from England?

LM: Usually, I find it easy adjusting to the time, but we had such a horrible journey. It took me a few days to adjust to the time. I'm OK to fight.

RB: Yeah, that's got to be tough. I remember going out to UFC 38 in London with the UFC and I just remember how tough it is to just get my body adjusted. I can't imagine fighting like that.

LM: I usually find it difficult to adjust on the way back, when I go home.

RB: So, you are not too worried about it right now|?

LM: I'm ready to fight.

RB: Let's talk a little bit about your career. It's been interesting, you burst on to the scene. I know a lot of people in London, England knew how good you were, now we're finding out here in the States. especially after your win over Pele. Was the win over Pele the highlight of your career?

LM: Yes. Because he's been around a long time. He's fought like nearly everybody ya know. He's never been stopped. He's never been knocked out and so for me to knock him out, that was a big thing.

RB: Lee you have been the talk of the town with your training sessions. I am not lying. I've followed this fight game for a long time. I haven't had people brag about hearing one hit the pads before man.

LM: (Laughs)

RB: Everybody's like, dude, you gotta see this guy hit the pads, it's unbelievable.

LM: Yeah, I've got a good boxing trainer. He's one of the best ya know, and every time I train with him, I learn more things every time ya know. He's the guy that makes me hit so hard.

RB: I got guys telling me it sounds like a machine gun going off in the training room man. I'm telling you. Are you nervous, your first time in the UFC?

LM: I don't feel no more nervous than I usually feel for any other fight ya know. I'm used to doing things that are a lot of pressure on me. I'm Ok. I'm nervous yeah, I'm nervous but not no more nervous than any other fight.

RB: You're going up against tough guy Jorge Rivera, what do you see on tape when you see Jorge?

LM: Umm, he's a tough guy, yeah he's a tough guy. He comes to fight. He ain't gonna give up for nothing, he's gonna fight til the end. They say how good his chin is. They say he's got a good chin but he's never been hit by someone like me. He's never been hit with something like I'm gonna hit him. I think when he feels the power, he ain't gonna get up.

RB: Let me ask you about that. Do you think with that said, he's probably seen tape on you, do you think he is gonna take this fight to the ground?

LM: He hasn't seen tape on me. The only tape he could have seen of me is in my early career. That would be stand-up fighting. If you watched tapes of me when I first started fighting, I was just a rugged street fighting brawler but now I'm a good boxer. If he looks at the early tapes of me and judges by that, he'll probably stand with me and get knocked the **** out.

RB: How much weight do you have to cut?

LM: People think that I cut a lot of weight, I don't cut weight. I walk around at 185, I fight at 185. I don't cut weight. I'm not a big guy, I look big for the weight but I'm not one of these 200lb. guys who cut to 185. I don't do that. I haven't been 205 for about three years. I walk around at 190, 190 to 185, I'm always in between that weight.

RB: You're about six feet tall?

LM: 6'2 or 6'2 and a half.

RB: 6'2, that's a big frame for 185. How long have you been training with the Militech Fighting System?

LM: I think I've been training with them for three or four years. I've always gone down every year and train with them.

RB: Do you come out early to train with them or how does that work?

LM: I had trouble with my Visa so I had to wait awhile. I was suppose to be here a couple of weeks before the fight so I left quite late because I had to wait on my Visa to come through. I got here with Pat for that weekend, just for three days.

RB: Hey Lee, you know the talk about Tito Ortiz has challenged you, you him as well. Let me ask you this. If you're only weighing 185 or 190 walking around, can you go up in weight to fight Tito?

LM: If he comes down a piece of weight, I'll give away ten or fifteen pounds.

RB: So, you would weigh 190 and he could weigh 205?

LM: If he cuts to 205 or 200 and weighed in on the day, I'd weigh 185 for that fight.

RB: So, if Tito weighs in the day of the fight at 200, you'll fight him?

LM: Yes.

RB: Tell me about that bad blood man. You guys hate each other don't you?

LM: (Laughs). He's not even a man. He can't even admit to what happened. He has to come up with all this bull**** lies, saying, I had slippery shoes on. Hey, next time he comes to fight me, make sure he doesn't wear dress shoes. He ain't even man enough to say what happened. He said he got jumped by five guys or ten guys. The guy comes running at me, the guy come at me. Must have thought I was an idiot and come running at me throwing punches and thought I wasn't going to do nothing about it. What did he think, I was gonna run away? On the street, I got two, three, four hundred street fights, I've been street fighting all my life and this guy's got ten or twenty fights in the octagon and thinks he's gonna scare me off.

RB: Lee, what happened, when you two met, what happened?

LM: I was speaking to him at fight, in the club, we was chattin. Pat and a few other guys were talking. We went outside and there was some commotion. I couldn't really see what was going on. Me and my friend were trying to break it with Pat and a few others and it kicked off. One guy tried to hit my friend and I jumped in and that's when Tito jumped in on me. I think the guy I stepped in on was one of his friends. Then he is coming to me. Pat and three other guys stepped between us. Then, his friend got knocked out cold. I was laughing, he seen me and took his jacket off. I took my jacket off, my watch off and put it in my pocket. He come running at me throwing punches and I smacked him up.

RB: Let me ask you, where you drinking, I know Tito was drinking, were you both in your opinion?

LM: We was both drinking. Tito was drunk, what about me? I was drinking vodkas and champagne all night. I was drunk as well. What does he think, I was sober and just finished a couple of rounds of shadow boxing and was ready? I was drinking all night and had dress shoes on as well. Dress shoes, what kind of excuse is that? If he was half a man, he'd come up with a better excuse than that. If that was me, you know what I'd have said? I'd have said, ah yeah, I was drunk, I scraped with a fighter and got a whaping. I wouldn't say I had dress shoes on and got rushed by ten guys.

RB: Another guy who I think wants to maybe fight, what do you think about fighting Phil Baroni?

LM: That would be a good fight yeah. That would be a good money fight. We both bring something to the table ya know. We both like to bang. Both got the stand up. Both are strong. Yeah, it would be a good fight.

RB: Give me a prediction to this fight, you against Jorge Rivera, what's gonna happen, what round?

LM: Have you seen the film "Gone in Sixty Seconds?"

RB: Yeah.

LM: That's your prediction.

RB: Thanks Lee.

LM: Thanks for having me.

02-04-2004, 09:58 AM
LMAO @ Gone In Sixty Seconds. This guys got to get in against Baroni. The 185 division is so weak though I don't know who he could fight next. I think Lindland would just lay on him for 15 minutes. I'd like to see them bring back the Crow and let him and Murray duke it out. Who else is there?

02-04-2004, 10:13 AM
This guy has a great personality for the fight game. I hope he does well and sticks around a while.....

02-08-2004, 04:38 AM
I gott'a go w/ my boy NYBA !!!! Murry will undestimate Phils power in his hands !....my biest opinion !

02-09-2004, 08:02 PM
Baroni and Murray HAS TO BE SET UP IMMEDIATELY! There would be some epic ****-talking in that one.