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Tanner Rhoden
01-30-2004, 09:58 AM

UFC 47 Heavyweight Fight: Wiezorek vs. Shipp
Submitted by: Joseph Cunliffe
Posted On 01/30/2004

It’s East vs. West when heavyweights Jonathan “Lock n’ Load” Wiezorek and Wade “Nightmare” Shipp meet in the octagon at UFC 47. Both fighters will make their UFC debut in Las Vegas, Nevada, in what will probably be a preliminary fight on the April 2 card. Both fighters were discussed as opponents for Frank Mir at “UFC 45: Revolution,” but neither fight occurred.

The 24-year-old Wiezorek fights out of Valdosta Martial Arts Academy in Valdosta, Georgia. Undefeated in professional MMA, his April 2001, win over Dan “The Beast” Severn started an influx of challenges. Wiezorek is coming off a quick 1st round 0:40 submission win over Johnathan Ivey at “ISCF: Trauma” in October 2003. One goal in MMA for the graduate student is to get more famous by fighting on TV. Admittedly relatively unknown outside of Georgia, “the only way to go from now is up,” he says, with fighting in the UFC as the first step on the ladder.

The 28-year-old Shipp fights out of the San Diego Fight Club in San Diego, California. The former Lion’s Den fighter is a KOTC and Gladiator Challenge veteran who has also competed in Japan. Shipp is coming off a 1st round TKO win over Kengo Watanabe at “KOTC 30: The Pinnacle” in November 2003. His original goal was to fight in the UFC. Now his goal is to win his first UFC fight. Admittedly relatively unknown off the west coast, Shipp looks for an early ending to this fight “it will not go to a draw,” he says, [laughing] “I see it ending early by submission or KO with me being the winner.”

These heavyweights are similar in manner aspects. Neither fighter grew up planning to fight professionally. For Wiezorek, it came rather nonchalantly while wrestling. For Shipp, it came after seeing the first UFC. The gentle giants are quiet in demeanor, leaving it in the cage. None of their fights have gone the distance. These two choose not to leave it up to the Judges. In separate interviews, each fighter described themselves as “tough.” Wiezorek elaborated by saying, “I had a rough time growing up and it wasn’t the best home life situation for me and the adversity and when I’d get into a fight the unwillingness to tap, is the way to describe me.” Shipp states, “you’re not going to beat me easily. Even if you’re more of an athlete or higher skilled then me, I’m a tough guy and I am going to take a lot. I’m a hard guy to make quit.” Each fighter holds their share of championship titles. Wiezorek holds the ISCF East Coast Super Heavyweight Championship and the ISCF United States Super Heavyweight Championship. Shipp holds the Hitman Heavyweight Championship and Fite Night Heavyweight Championship.

Although the outcome of this fight is difficult for me to predict, it’s easy to say that “Lock n’ Load” and “Nightmare” will be prepared for their UFC debut on April 2, and the other heavyweights should watch this one.

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01-30-2004, 12:57 PM
i've watched both fight. the title that shipp has in hitman was from a sloppy fight with him and aaron brink. i'm gonna go with Wiezorek.

Tanner Rhoden
01-30-2004, 01:43 PM
I think Shipp has no business being in the UFC.