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01-22-2004, 10:50 AM
From MMA Weekly

Radio Recap by Jeff Cain

In the most comprehensive interview done with UFC President Dana White, the head of the UFC answered EVERY single fans question in a 45 minute interview on MMAWeeklyRadio.com

Every topic was covered, every question asked and no matter what your opinion is of the UFC President, he doesn't side step anything as he talked about television, the UFC 46 fight card, UFC overseas, pay per view, etc.

In summary, Dana is excited about the great card for UFC 46 "Super Natural" coming up on Saturday, January 31st. They will try to get the prelim fights on the PPV especially the Hermes Franca and Josh Thomson match up. He feels that Hermes deserves to be shown. The prelim fights are usually shown, even if in only highlighted versions, but with the legends ceremony at UFC 45, this wasn't possible. The voting for the recipients were submitted by fans and the fans votes are why Frank Shamrock wasn't a part of the show.

Dana talked with Vitor Belfort yesterday and said Vitor is alright. When he first heard of Belfort's sister's disappearance, Dana was worried about him. After talking to Vitor on the phone, Dana said he know that Vitor was fighting. Whited added, "Vitor will be around for awhile." One of the fights that White is most interested in is the BJ Penn and Matt Hughes bout for the welterweight title. Dana said that BJ looks good and anticipates it being a good fight.

Dana talked about a possible television deal. He thinks they are close to a deal but isn't getting too excited, pointing out that they have already had two television deals fall through. If a Tv deal is reached, the UFC won't be doing anymore ".5" events and will be putting on a lot of fights a year.

The idea is to have the top up and comers competing on the Tv show. He said that making the deal is the hardest part but a Tv deal could change the entire sport. He broke the news that Ken Shamrock will be fighting in the UFC in June. He will not be sending any fighters to Pride until they send some over here like they said they were. Dana would love to see a fight between Randy Couture and Wanderlei Silva but doesn't see it happening.

UFC 46 will be shown on pay-per-view in England and they are working on the Australian broadcast. Why the UFC doesn't do a webcast of events is that they would have to charge the same price as they do for the PPV's but not be able to provide the same quality. He feels that legalization of MMA in California could be as close as six months away.

White discussed Phil Baroni's suspension saying that "they aren't real big Baroni fans at the Mohegan Sun," and that Phil is appealing it. He added, "Phil is a real fighter." The UFC doesn't "baby" Phil and all of Baroni's fights have been against top guys, said White. Jeremy Horn could be back in the UFC, said White, and that he would love to Royce Gracie in the UFC. Ricco Rodriguez is in Vegas training with Wes Sims and needs surgeries on his hand and knee.

Lee Murray will be making his UFC debut against Jorge Rivera and Dana discussed his possible future. Lee wants to fight Tito Ortiz. Murray wants to get a couple of 185lb. fights under his belt before taking on Tito.

DirectTV is doing a documentary on Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell to be aired in March showing their paths to this point. Joe Rogan will take over post fight interview duties from Eddie Bravo and Rogan will continue to do color commentary.

01-22-2004, 11:32 AM
some great news right there. legalization of mma could be as close as 6 months away!!!! thats ****ing huge! UFC on TV?!?! another opportunity that can change the sport forever. i love his up-and commers idea. glad to hear that vitor is good, that chuck and tito got a documentry comming out about their paths. lee murray wants to fight tito, lol. i'm waiting to see him lose first to rivera, lol.