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01-18-2004, 06:14 PM
Thought you all would like to help fellow MMA fans......

From: CorranHorn
Date: 24-Dec-03 08:02 AM
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From reading on this forum during the week, i found out the extremely unpleasant news that after doing everything i could to support this sport, i and other australian mma fans will no longer have access to the UFC ppv's.
I would like everyone reading this to think of how u would feel if all MMA ppv's were removed from your country. UFC is all we have here, so thats what has happened to us. In america, think of life with no King of the Cage, no UFC, no Pride, nothing. Maybe k-1 once a yr, if your lucky. As u would all know from the number of Australians on this board, there are a great many MMA fans here, and this has been crushing news for a lot of ppl.

It was in this light that i decided to create a petition at petitiononline.com. I thought that maybe with enough promotion across the number of large MMA sites on the net, especially this one, and if everyone could be kind enough to take just a minute or 2 to sign and lend your support, maybe we could get the decision on Foxtel's part changed. Please keep in mind i have never created one of these b4, and they cannot be edited. If someone thinks the current version is crap and we need a new one, please, go set one up yourself and get it circulating! i dont care how it happens, just as long as it happens and we get some "signatures" to foxtel!!

Also please keep in mind us Australians run at a different time to most of u, so any help in keeping this at the top would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it would be a great help for as many fighters or Zuffa staff members to show there support as possible, as i think it would help give it a bit more of an official bearing and provide somewhat of an "united front" from the mma community. There is a comments section after your signature, so if u fit into the aformentioned category and would like to state your position as coming from a fighter/zuffa employee, that would be great.

the address is http://www.petitiononline.com/ufcppvoz/petition.html

please everyone, let the petition known as much as possible across the net, especially australian mma fans, or if possible at the very least take a minute to type in your support and help us out.



01-18-2004, 10:16 PM