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01-17-2004, 02:32 AM
I just watched Masato destroy Vince Phillips in just over a round of action. Phillips was outmatched from the opening bells, as Masato peppered his legs with stinging kicks. Being a boxer, Phillips was ill prepared to defend against the biting low kicks. As round 1 was winding to a close Masatos strikes were taking a toll on Phillips as he was noticably limping. Like the seasoned warrior he is, Phillips made it through the round.

Phillips strode to the center of the ring like a proud gladiator to begin the 2nd round. The combatants circled each other briefly, measuring the distance. In a blur they launched their attacks, Phillips with flurry of punches. Masato with another low kick, that sent Phillips to the mat for good. Another glorious victory for Masato, as Phillips moaned in agony on the canvas. Phillips was helped to his feet, where he congratulated Masato on his victory and inspected his leg for weapons of mass destruction.

An impressive win for Masato, against an aging champion of the past. The question must be asked, how would Masato do against a current boxing champion? If Shane Mosley trained kickboxing for a year could he take down Masato? Mosley would attack the entire fight, never relenting. In a year he would learn a good deal of kick defense, and counter punching kicks.

Only one thing can make this fight happen. Money makes the world go round. The only way us fight fans will ever see these fights is to support the sport in every way possible. We have to let fight promoters know that these are the matchups we want to see. K1, make it happen. Masato vs. Mosley and Tyson vs. CroCop in 2004!

Curly Howard
01-17-2004, 04:07 AM
He picked apart Ludwig in their last fight with strikes. He has good hand but didn't get to show them off. In K-1 I think he would beat a pure boxer.

01-19-2004, 06:51 PM
Yeah, that Phillips fight was hard to watch. It should've never happened and it didn't prove anything. Phillips is way past his prime and to throw him in a kickboxing fight against the K-1 max champion was ****ing absurd.