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Curly Howard
01-15-2004, 06:19 PM
Reported By: Boxing Insider - 01.15.2004 02:13 AM
"The Worlds Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock is fully recovered from his ACL surgery and is ready to make his long awaited comeback.

*************.com recently sat down with Ken Shamrock and asked him who he would like to fight. His answers in this "MMA" interview have a certain "Pro Wrestling" flare as our chat followed a string of pro wrestling media appearances.

*************.com: What have you been doing since the UFC hall-of-fame show?

Ken Shamrock: I've been trying to get my strength back in my knee, rehabilitating the knee, training, I coach high-school wrestling and junior midgets wrestling. So I just kept myself pretty busy -- training in the mornings with my grappling and boxing; just trying to get myself back into the swing of things.

*************.com: Is it true that you plan to make a return to the world of professional wrestling?

Ken Shamrock: Yes, it is. For what company, I don't know yet. I know I'll do some stuff with Japan and maybe some other independent stuff. But right now, that's what's in the works.

*************.com: How do you respond to critics who say that you doing pro wrestling would hurt your credibility and hurt Mixed Martial Arts' credibility since you're one of the most known personalities in Mixed Martial Arts? How do you respond to the critics?

Ken Shamrock: I would say: "If I did a movie, would it hurt my career?" Considering that movies are also entertainment, pro-wrestling is also entertainment. It's not as if I'm going in to do a "work shoot". These are professional wrestling matches -- they're nothing close to fighting.

*************.com: When are you planning to fight in the UFC again?

Ken Shamrock: It looks as if I might be able to fight in June.

*************.com: Can you comment on whom you might be fighting in June?

Ken Shamrock: There are a few people out there. One of them would be Tank Abbott, another one would be Royce Gracie, Tito Ortiz -- those are the three guys, right now, that I have in my sights.

*************.com: Well, let's start off with Tank Abbott. How do you think a Tank Abbott-Ken Shamrock match would unfold?

Ken Shamrock: I think a Tank Abbott-Ken Shamrock match would be a great fight. That fight has been waiting to happen for a long, long, long time -- a lot longer than the Tito Ortiz fight. It's definitely been out there for a while. We've had some bad blood for a long period of time and I think promoting this fight is going to be huge. As far as when we step in the ring and fight, in my personal opinion, I don't think Tank Abbott has a chance in hell.

*************.com: Hate to do this to you, as I thumb through "No Holds Barred: Evolution:" can we have your comments on this unflattering Tank Abbott quote "Tank Abbott said about Ken Shamrock, 'Modern society has adopted this philosophy that explains it, and this is it: we are the weak and we are going to band together against people who can impose their will against us. That's why all the f***ers in Ultimate Fighting, they are not fighters. They are ultimate jokers. They are the ultimate posers-- every single one of them, and the biggest one is Ken Shamrock. He is not a fighter. He is a joke. Let me explain something to you. I'm in the professional wrestling business. You want to know what the number one f***ing claim by a professional wrestler is? I want to be famous for something. That's easy. Ken Shamrock wants to be famous. That's his whole motivation in life. He was a professional wrestler before he ever got into professional fighting. He's an absolute jokeaholic. He's a steroid-head, 180-pound joke. He ain't nothing but a joke. He's had two times to fight me and he ran. You want to know what? A fighter does not care about losing.' " Ken? how do you respond?

Ken Shamrock: First of all, Tank Abbott likes to talk a lot. And speaking of running and hiding, if I remember properly, Tank Abbott was the one who tucked his head between his legs and ran when I got in his face and told him I was going to kick his ass. And he said, "Oh, why'd you gotta act like that for?" and I said, "Because you're running your mouth and I'd like to shut it for you." So, Tank Abbott knows the truth about who was running where.

*************.com: Royce Gracie -- what would need to happen for that match to actually take place?

Ken Shamrock: For Royce Gracie to say yes? And for him to stop ducking? And stop running? And stop picking his fights? And stop making his own rules?

*************.com: Do you think that fight would happen in America or would that fight have to happen in Japan?

Ken Shamrock: I don't think it will happen in America because Royce Gracie wants to have his own rules. He wants to have things his way. Because he doesn't know how to fight any other way. He has to have the rules his way. He's a spoiled little brat.

*************.com: There's been talk on the underground about rematch with Kaz Fujita from Pride? You were beating him and then you, like, gassed. Would you like a rematch with him?

Ken Shamrock: Oh, absolutely. But that's a Pride fight there and unfortunately my contract ran out with them and at the time I was renegotiating the UFC, so obviously that fight can't happen unless we do that one in the UFC -- or if UFC does that one with Pride.

*************.com: Do you think the UFC would be interested in bringing you to Japan to do some co-promote matches, like they did with Chuck Liddell?

Ken Shamrock: I'm sure they'd be willing to do something like that -- especially if the money was right and they were to be a part of the show.

*************.com: What about a Ken Shamrock-Bob Sapp match?

Ken Shamrock: Yeah. As long as it's not a K-1 fight (laughs). If I could take him down, that'd be fine. Just not K-1 rules, though.

*************.com: Tito Ortiz.?

Ken Shamrock: Tito Ortiz -- we'll see what happens when he fights Chuck Liddell. If he wins or loses, that's a fight I'd like to have happen again. I think it's no secret that I want that fight back -- and hopefully that will happen. I've got a lot of things out there that I'm definitely interested in and I think it will be great for the fans to have them. Tank Abbott, Royce Gracie and Tito Ortiz -- those are three guys that I'm looking at.

*************.com: What about Dan Severn? I've heard rumors that he's getting ready to retire at the end of this year. He recently ducked out on a pro-wrestling commitment with you. Are there any chances that you'd like to fight him again?

Ken Shamrock: Dan Severn is just a punk. That guy is straight-up punk. He talks the talk but he won't walk the walk. At least with Tank Abbott, Tito Ortiz, they step up -- or did step up. Tank Abbott hasn't yet, but he will. But Dan Severn? A pro-wrestling match -- he wouldn't even get in the ring, he wouldn't come to the awards thing at the UFC for the greatest fighters of all time. Because I was there. He's afraid of me. He doesn't want to be in the same room with me because he's afraid! He's a chicken.

*************.com: Actually, I believe the reason he didn't show up was that he felt that he was passed over for the Hall of Fame. I think he feels that he should have gotten it before you.

Ken Shamrock: Yeah. He thought he should get it before me and I'm the one that beat him. On our very first fight, I beat him. And then, I was there two years before he ever got there. Royce Gracie and I started that UFC. And then he got pissed off because he didn't get inducted into the Hall of Fame before Royce and me? Where does he think he's coming from? He's not God. The guy is not even close to it. In fact, he's like a dog. He's not a god, he's a dog. He's one of those kind of guys who walks around, talks fast because he's jealous of me; he's jealous because of my success, he's jealous of what I've got, he wants to be me. That's what he wants. He wants to have what I have, he wants to be me. Dan Severn is a punk. Dan Severn is a guy who stands behind his Mom and talks trash. Dan's behind his little girlfriend and talks trash. That's the only thing he knows how to do -- is talk. Now, let's see if Dan Severn can talk the talk or walk the walk. I'll put out a challenge to him right now. Any time he wants to step up and fight me, that's an open challenge. He can fight me any time. If he wants to come to my gym, it's there. If he wants me to come to his gym, it's there.

(Editors Note: A recent pro wrestling booking for a Ken Shamrock - Dan Severn "worked match" fell through because Dan Severn refused to take a booking with Ken Shamrock (Agreed 20 minute time limit draw). Advance quotes were sent out to various wrestling media in attempt to spark interest. Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn will both be at the 1/24 King of the Cage show.)

This Monday Ken Shamrock will share his thoughts UFC 46 exclusively on *************.com, in the following weeks Ken will comment on the Lions Den, UFC, the launch of his new website and more!

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01-15-2004, 07:18 PM
Man, why is he even bothering calling out Severn. Severn's freakin' 180 years old! That fight wouldn't generate any kind of interest AT ALL.
For me, I wouldn't mind watching a third Royce Gracie match.

Curly Howard
01-15-2004, 07:20 PM
Yeah and I don't think I could sit and watch Tito beat on him like that again either. Tank might be a good one to sell tickets. They both know how to hype a fight.

Mr. Beelzebub
01-15-2004, 07:21 PM
Man, he really comes across as an ******* sometimes... He hasn't realized yet that he has passed his prime and he's no longer "The most dangerous man"

01-17-2004, 06:11 PM
Shamrock is one of my favorite fighters and i would like to see him fight anyone but he is past his prime or he looekd like it in his last match but that dont mean he cant turn it around like couture. I would really like to see him and tito go at it again but not at 205. Tito is a big guy i think he could step one weight class for one fight and give me a fight i would like to see. But i understand that he wants his belt back and im sure thats the first thing on his mind after chuck. That is going to be a battle hopefully.

01-19-2004, 05:58 AM
I like Ken, but REALLY, who does he even have a REMOTE chance of beating in the top 10 of Pride or UFC? & you think he REALLY wants to fight Tito again? That outcome would be the same, if not worse imo.

01-19-2004, 11:52 AM
hahaha. thats a classic interview. i kinda agree with ken, however he is no longer "the worlds most dangerous man". he was, i'll give him that.

ken wanting to fight royce again... that would draw mad ticket sales... i'd pay to watch that. ken and tito, i could go for watching tito hand him his ass again.... i think tito would have a rougher time if ken was his normal size (HW) and tito jumped up to his weight (but that prolly wont happen). as for ken and tank... i'd definately order that ppv. 2 old school fighters, from the very begining..... i think ken would prevail, but who knows... they are both kinda washed up IMHO.

and dan severn...... hahahhaahaha. i stand behind ken on that one. no need to call him out tho. severn already retired as far as i'm concerned.

01-19-2004, 06:33 PM
Ken vs. Royce at UFC, where it belongs, for a superfight. They'd definitely sell out for that one.