View Full Version : do you think i can ever be a boxer?

11-27-2008, 01:48 AM
here is my story:

i first started boxing at gleasons gym in NYC when i was 17, i say 16 because i had literally just turned 17 two weeks before, but either way doesnt really matter...i boxed there for a few months, then i sparred for my first time. something rare happend, i actually got an eye injury (scratched cornea) while sparring and it made me "quit" boxing for a couple weeks it was a pretty serious injury, it was excrutiating pain, and i could not see for a week, i could have gone blind....after i healed up i made the decision to go back since i loved it so much...so i boxed again for a few more months and guess what, the SAME injury occured again, but this time on the other eye....at that point i decided to give up gleasons for a while...

since then ive sparred in backyards, weight lifting gyms, and garages lol with a variety of people who used to box themselves because i just love it too much and cant stay away from it. not a day goes by where i dont hit the bag, jump rope, or shadow box for atleast couple minutes a day.

anyway, im about to be 22 years old these days, im 21 now and i turn 22 real soon, few days actually. 5 year anniversary of gleasons, lol.

ive always been a natrually gifted athlete, especially with my hands...i am currently 190lbs and 5'11-6'0 and i carry some serious power in my hands, my hands are also extremely fast for my size. i have really good reflexes and my footwork is excellent. the only problem is that i feel like i have a weak chin. i have been dropped twice during sparring sessions at gleasons and it was embarassing, but i should note that i was never ROCKED, dizzy, or wobbled at any time, just dropped...so maybe it was a balance issue or a surprise issue, but either way i wasnt hurt at all. still though, i feel like i have sort of a glassy jaw. i also feel like i may be too old nowadays...

anyway the 9-5 thing was never for me, and i love boxing/fighting with a passion, its the ONLY thing that excites me. so do you think i can do it?

i happen to be a blue belt in brazilian jiu jitsu as well. so would MMA be more my thing?

11-27-2008, 02:22 AM
Get back in there and give it a shot mate, thats the only way you will find out.

Good luck with it.

11-27-2008, 02:34 AM
Hey...I too am a (3 stripe whit belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and Im kinda losing interest in MMA. My current mma gym doesn't have a real boxing regime goin on and i really wanna learn boxing. MMA just has too many aspects to apply and I find that to be quite stressful...I had mediocre kickboxing, crappy boxing, okay wrestling/BJJ. lol

Now to answer your question, yes you can be a boxer. It just takes will and determination just like everything else. (Im in the same shoes as you...im 17 and I know that I got all the time in the world to achieve success in boxing) =)

Good luck!

11-27-2008, 03:14 AM
get into it man, start trainging agen

11-27-2008, 04:01 AM
You won't know if you don't give it a shot.

I'm in a similar situation, well, not for the injury thing. But i boxed when i was younger, had a couple of amature fights, did pretty damn good(4-0). But at around 18-19 i had a lot of stuff on my mind and at that time i decided to give up boxing.

I kept training at home to stay in shape. At 21 i decided to get back to training, but that time i went to a mma gym. I somewhat enjoyed it, learning submissions was cool and all but honestly if you give me a choice between choking somebody or knocking his block off, well i'll knock his block off. Plus i feel bad for saying this but the 2 mma gyms i went to are getting filled with huge douchebags that can't fight for **** but think they are the **** because they punch a bag twice a week and wear affliction and tap out t-shirts with gel in their hair.

I'm not saying every mma fighter and student is like that, there are some great athletes and fighters in mma, i enjoy watching mma. But the gyms i went to attracted the kind of douchebags i don't like, and i deal with people like that on a daily basis at work already.

So a few months ago i decided to get back to boxing only and it has been going great so far, i'm in good shape and i have been sparring more than ever. But i really don't know if i should try to take it a step farther. I'm 24, have a pretty steady life and i don't know if im really to throw everything out the window to try and maybe get somewhere in boxing. It's always in the back of my head.

Thanks for reading my auto biography, i planned on only posting the first setence of this post. :rofl:

11-27-2008, 01:44 PM
I can tell you that I can relate totally to this whole situation. I'm 21 and want to go back to the gym. I for sure have the heart for it. I love boxing and it goes through my mind everyday. Right now nothing seems to be going right, and I always wanted to become a pro boxer. SO I think we should all just give it a try. I have learned that holding back just wastes valuable time. If we don't try we will never know. Well good luck guys. Its never too late....

11-27-2008, 05:53 PM
Boxing is harder than MMA, so set a hard target for yourself. Worse comes to worse you will have good experience for going back to retarded MMA which is full of people who are not good enough for the bigtime fo boxing! I am glad you made the choice of graduating from martial arts to boxing. What happened in sparring happens alot to ex martial artists because it is a big step up. Stick at it, and if you are a naturally talented athlete with power you will get far and them knockdowns will mean NOTHING. Power is very important when in a fight, and can make a huge difference. To cvut a long story short, i think you are well young and should go back to Gleason's and show them that you're the man.