View Full Version : How can i get my lungs back?

11-24-2008, 02:36 PM
hi im new to the sire and would like to say hello. Im 18 and I boxed for about 3 months a year ago and did prettty good in the training, but i never got to spar. Now i want to get back into it again. But i went to the gym the other day to run a mile and found i couldn't do it in any better then 7:15. Pretty disappointing conssidering i run a 5:40 this time last year. Smoking and lack of running disaplin have taken there toll. Now ive been running about a mile a day for 3 weeks and can do it in more like 650 if i realy push myself. I know that my lungs are the problem, because i find myself gasping for air while my legs feel fine. In fact the last mile i ran i got to about .8miles and was considering quiting so i jacked the treadmill up to 9.5 to see how long i could do it for, and ended up finishing the mile lol
So i was wondering whats the best way to train to get stamina and lung power up? I imagine ill have to incorporate some long distance running? How many miles and how often yea think? Right now im 5'8" 125lbs but id realy like to get up to 140 before i get back because i hate being so small, any tips on how to gain weight the good way
I know this is a ton to answer lol
here are my specs btw
weigh 125
bench max 175
squat max 195
mile 6:50 :/

11-24-2008, 03:57 PM
Just focus on running long distances for endurance and don't worry about the time. Mix in some sprints, maybe swim some laps or something to mix it up. You got a good bench for your weight btw

11-24-2008, 07:20 PM
thanks i am going to try and get some good long distance runing in, but wasnt sure just how far i need to go and how many days a week. Right now all im doing is a mile a day 6 days a week. MAybe add in 3 days with 5 mile runs, would that be good enough.
Yea i like my bench, its always been my strong point :boxing: just gotta get that squat up, at least to 225imo and the mile DOWN. I wasnt even happy with a 540 at the time, and now id kill for that lol. Ill keep you guys updated on progress, thanks again for the reply