View Full Version : TIPS and question on foot speed drills

11-15-2008, 04:52 AM
I have boxed but its been some time and am starting to get back but i need more footspeed. I naturally get quicker when i lose weight but i am a little older now and need some footwork drills for speed. Any suggestions

Also here are some tips for new boxers

1. The jab. Think of your body as a gun, the legs the chamber pushing the bullet and the hip the explosion out of the barrel. Keep your hand loose until impact. Be sure to practice with shadowboxing because at first your hand will not be as open the timing will be off. Make sure the front foot goes before the punch dont telegraph. Video to follow soon

2. Lead uppercut. Take a step to your left (orthodox) or to your right(southpaw) Drop your ass down while piviting your hips foward and toward your oppenent. The back leg will drive upwards and then explode through your oppenent. The key with the uppercut is exploding out of that downword crounching position quickly. Jump squats help