View Full Version : Can't get a stream? Check here.

Andre Wardttke
11-08-2008, 11:10 PM
Don't have Freeview or Sky? Have Setanta via Broadband on your PC/Laptop.

Put your hand in your pockets 7.99 for Setanta's online broadband broadcast.


Why waste your time with grainy, unreliable and very questionable legality clips? Surely a fight like this is worth the money. 7.99 isn't a lot, and it's not just for tonights fight, Premiership, SPL, England games, Blue Square....more BOXING!!! (Haye v Barrett next week and Taylor v Lacy). You could pay your 7.99, get your fix on boxing and football for the month then cancel it if there's nothing on you want to watch next month, there's no annual contract, it runs on a month to month basis!

Btw, I don't work for Setanta, I just really like Setanta and think they get a lot of bad press because they are trying to break Sky's rip off monopoly. If Sky had this fight they'd charge 15 extra for it because your 36 a month for Sky Sports isn't enough for them!