View Full Version : My Friend Win!!

10-27-2008, 05:04 AM
Actually it is not me, but my friend, i am his best friend and also i am his trainer, he train in my uncle gym

My friend is a pro, life and train in Jakarta, Indonesia, best 130 pound fighter in the district, 21 Years old, his job is boxing. he is the District Super Featherweight Champion. also he train with his father a former Indonesian amateur champion.

and the proudest thing that he is undefeated with 14 (10) - 0 - 0

The fight he won is a against Ibrahim Aroby, former Indonesian super featherweight champion (but with no defense).

Ok the fight was in a function hall, he is the main event of the card
the fight is 12 round, no 3 knockdown rule, no standing 8 count, cannot be saved by the bell in all rounds including the 12th and the last round.

My friend won by a KO in the eighth round, it was so incredible i wish i had a video to show it to you, he slam the face with a 2 light left jab, one hard right cross and finally with a roundabout left hook and a right uppercut.

His manager is organizing him to fight for the Indonesian SuperFeatherweight Title maybe in December