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10-31-2003, 01:04 PM
I got a free 15 min massage just now.

man that was the ****!

i didn't know i had so many ****in knots in my body!

I must have had like 15 in a 3 inch square on my back! seriously i had knots out the ass!

Man there were portions of the massage that were so painfull due to her pushing directly on the knots that i didn't even feel my legs.

it was so intense!

I loved it.

if only massages didn't cost so much.

10-31-2003, 03:15 PM
get a girlfriend...free massages, maybe not the best, but they work..

10-31-2003, 03:51 PM
If you go to a vocational school, find out when they give the massages and they are like 5 dollars per sitting.

Massages are very good, however you should not work out after. After a massage you release a lot of latic acid.