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10-02-2008, 04:58 AM
This guy sounds like he has been made DUMB & STUPID by all the years of being exposed to "KIYAHS" in his Rec Center Dojo!

"For me I think it has to do with what is promised vs. what is delivered. I find it insulting that so many of these guys are touted to be the best in the world, and/or some of the best fighters ever. I truly believe with all my heart that Professor Chow, Sijo Emperado, Choki Motobu, and Mas Oyama (as well as thousands of men who came before them), and possibly many students of the aforementioned instructors, would have no problem mopping the floor with any MMA fighter that you threw at them while they were in their prime, and possibly even well after they had left their prime! I'm guessing that although Miyamoto Musashi was known to be a great swordsman, I'll bet you would be tough pressed to find somebody who could beat the man hand to hand combat, if you could find anyone at all!

I don't believe there are currently any men equivalent or capable of the feats that the above mentioned men have accomplished, due to the softened training styles, and cultural differences that make people unwilling to work as hard at developing their arts as they did at the time. Despite this, I do believe that there are guys in the world who are still extremely talented, but you and I probably don't know who they are because they have chosen to use their arts in a different manner. When I hear a person or a group of people talked up as being incredible fighters, then I want to see something absolutely incredible. If my expectations are not met, then I can still appreciate the hard work and conditioning these guys put in and I can respect the physical and mental toughness of these men, but I still lose interest and I honestly believe it's because of my expectations.

To sum it up, I lose interest in many competitive fighting events and organizations because I am promised great and spectacular material, but instead I am delivered good material, and even average material in certain areas (i.e. the stand up skills of many of the men)."
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