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09-02-2003, 10:56 PM
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"PELÉ LANDY: 'I´M BUILDING A CHAMPION´S ARMY' Submitted by: Team TATAME Posted On 09/02/2003

Text a pics by Marcelo Alonso/ Team Tatame

Sandro Reni, Pelé, Luis Charneski and Victoriano (Pele´s father)

After José 'Pelé' Landy left the world famous Chute Boxe Team over financial disagreements with team leader Rudimar Fedrigo, many people thought his career was over. But it hasn´t happen that way. Due to his amazing popularity in Curitiba, the Cuban fighter's adopted home in South Brazil, the famous champion attracted many fighters to train with him.

After spending several months improving his ground skills at Gracie Barra, Pelé returned to his homebase and started to work hard with his father, the ex-boxing champion, Victoriano LAndy, to produce new champions. The results of their hard work could be seen at 2o Knock Out Cup, a Vale-Tudo event that took place in Curitiba last Friday. In his debut as trainer Pelé fighters earned two wins. Luis Charneski won the superfight and Sandro Reni became the big story of the night, beating 3 opponents in less than 3 minutes to win the 8 man tournament. After the event we had the following conversation with the leader of Team Pelé.

How do you analyze your debut as trainer?
Couldn´t be better! We put two fighters in the event and got four wins. This is just the beginning. I dream a lot and I have always dreamed. I never stop until I make my dreams came true. We are building an army of champions.

This guy Sandro was pretty impressive. He won three fights in less than 3 minutes. How long have you been working with him? Sandro has been working with me for 3 years. He is a karate black belt and he gave us trouble in the beginning because he brought many bad habits from karate. But the most important thing he brought with him was his heart of a lion. Since the first time I saw him I told him 'I´m sure you will be a champion'.

What about Luis Charneski, the guys who won the superfight? My goal with him is make him king of Shooto, and I will work as much as possible to reach this goal.

Why didn´t you bring Eliezer Ninja, the top fighter on your team, to fight in 2o KO Cup?
He is going to fight in a Vale-Tudo event that I´m producing here in Curitiba on October 17. He already has 7 fights and 7 wins by knock out. In my opinion he is already the best fighter in the world in 83kg category.

Tell me more about this event?
I´ll try to bring the real Vale-Tudo essence that made me recognized worldwide, though we will be using gloves. Headbutts, elbows, and kicks on the ground will be allowed, and the fights will last 30 minutes. Diovani Aparício (Brazilian Impacto), promoter of 2o KO Cup and Jorge Macaco will help me to do this event.

What´s the importance of your father in the training of the Team? My father is everything. He is the grandpa of all the athletes. He is taking care of the fighters 24 hours a day.

You training center is open to anyone?
Anyone who wants to came and join the team is welcome. We are building accomodations in our training center for fighters who want to come to Curitiba to train with us. If someone has interest to be part of Pelé Team my e-mail is [email protected]

What about ground skills. I didn´t see Team Pele´s technique on the ground today. Sandro knocked out the 3 opponents fast and Charneski was completely dominated on the ground until he got got the knock out. How are your working your guys on the ground?
We always work here in Curitiba with the Gracie Barra representative, Gustavo Mugiati (Guti). They are training hard with Guti and I spent some time in Rio last month training at the Gracie Barra Headquarters.

How was that? Did you have the opportunity to train with Cacareco, Nino and the other top guys?
Sure, they were really nice to me and treated me fine. The training on the ground there is really excellent. I had the opportunity to train with Elvis (Nino Schiembri) and he made me feel like a little baby. I also wanted to train throws with Cacareco and I can tell you the guy is really tough, in my opinion he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Nobody can take him down.
Do you want to have a revenge fight in England? From now on I´m in a new phase. I´ll just fight in events who give me excellent proposals and at least 4 months to train. I don´t have to prove anything to anybody."

09-03-2003, 06:54 AM
That's good!! I opened my eyes when I read "headbutts, elbows and kicks on the ground"...The valetudo is coming....and he was training with Schembri...mmmmmm....I need see Pele's fights soon...

09-03-2003, 09:41 AM
Pele is one of my favorites, I wish UFC or Pride would sign him...

09-03-2003, 10:04 AM
After Takada nerd words I believe Pele will not be in any Pride....but I hope he will do pain in all events he go, and about UFC...it could be the greatest thing in my MMA fan live...

09-06-2003, 01:33 AM
they need to bring him in to fight hughes again