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Curly Howard
08-23-2003, 01:04 PM
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In the main event of the evening, Jens Pulver was making his fighting debut in his adopted hometown, as well as trying his hand in a new weight class. With the bulk of his career spent fighting at 155 lbs, Pulver was dropping weight for the first time to try his hand in the 145 lb division. His opponent was Joe Jordan, a member of the 4 Season MMA Team, who sported a winning record in SHOOTO sanctioned events.

Jordan was introduced first and upon entering the ring he circled the ring and settled in his corner. Pulver was introduced and brought to the ring a small contingent of team members with him. He entered the ring looking focused. Jens also took a lap around the ring, hesitating just a moment in front of Jordanís corner.

Before the bell rang, Tony Fryklund stood on the apron giving last minute advice while Pulver stood, staring at Jordan from across the ring. The bell rang and, for those who have followed Pulverís career, the anticipation had reached a tipping point. They met in the center in the ring content with taking the opening moments of the fight as a feeling out period, with Pulver mixing in legs kicks along with some of his jabs. The two stood in the middle of the ring exchanging shots, toe to toe. At times, they stood so close the fight could have been in a phone booth.

During one of the exchanges something happened to Pulverís eye. Whether it was a grazing punch or a poke in the eye is unsure, but it had major ramifications. Jens pushed Jordan away from him and backed into his corner rubbing his eye. Jordan hesitated a moment and smelling an opportunity, ran across the ring and threw an extended barrage of shots to his head and body. Pulver absorbed all of Jordanís punches and was able to take him down. Jenís held Jordan down, seemingly to take time to recover from whatever it was that happened to his eye. Eventually, Jens let Jordan up and shortly after, the bell rang to end the first round. Jordan collapsed in his corner from exhaustion, while Pulver on the other hand, stepped back to his corner and listening intently to the advice of his corner. The partisan crowd were on their feet, screaming cheers of motivation towards Pulverís corner.

The second round started and the fighters met in the center of the ring again. Jordan must have felt he had taken Pulverís best, because, just moments into the round, Jordan began taunting Pulver, presumably convinced that he couldnít be hurt. They continued to exchange punches, with Jordan intensifying his taunts at the conclusion of each heated exchange. They finally stood directly in front of each other, daring the other to take a free punch, all the while stirring the crowd into a frenzy. Those who werenít, now stood to get a better look. Pulver was threw straight left hands while Jordan covered, and looked for the counter at every opportunity. That opportunity never came, Jens surprised Jordan with his trademark left hook instead of a straight jab, and it landed square on his head. Jordanís night was over. Before the punch that ended it all, Jordan didnít seem to be in any trouble, his legs were firmly underneath him, and he was still moving his head. One punch was the difference however, and Jordan fell backwards with his arms falling to his sides, he was out by the time he hit the apron. The ref waved his arms and the fight was over.

An excited Pulver ran to each corner of the ring stood on the turnbuckles and thanked everybody that surrounded the ring. To cap it all off, he grabbed the microphone and thanked the rest of the still excited crowd. Minutes after the fight, while the ring was being taken down a Jens Pulver that was reminiscent of the champion that fans have grown to know, had this to say. ďIím back, I want them all, make sure you write that.Ē If confidence breeds success, then Pulverís already taken his first steps on his way back to the top.

08-23-2003, 01:52 PM
Sweet article Pulver is da man.

08-23-2003, 02:23 PM
Serves the guy right.

You never taunt someone in the middle of a fight

Just ask Allistar

08-23-2003, 03:26 PM
Well it worked for Ali.......

Fury Dragon
08-23-2003, 05:44 PM
Yeah I saw that article. :cool: