View Full Version : Need advice on picking up some decent sparring equipment

07-09-2008, 01:51 PM
I'm new to the whole boxing/sparring scene, and don't really know anything about it. I bought these sparring gloves yesterday and was wondering how they should fit and if these (http://www.ssgecom.com/sap/its/mimes/zesports/static/largeimage.asp?itemCode=1185911&skuimage=1185911_l.jpg) are decent gloves. These gloves aren't extremely tight and my fingers stick out of the ends just a little ways. If you guys could recommend some good bag-gloves I'd appreciate it. Thanks for the help!

07-09-2008, 02:18 PM
Those are not boxing gloves and should not be used to spar. Those are more along the lines of low quality MMA gloves. If you are actually sparring at a boxing gym they should be able to tell you that, and I would return them if i were you. If you're just beggining I would reccomend getting some low priced Everlast or maybe Title training gloves until you know you will stick with it. Here's a link:


These are not amazing gloves by any standard but they are moderately priced and a good set of gloves for just starting out, once you get a pair of gloves such as these and really enjoy boxing and want to stick with it then I would reccomend picking up something a little pricier but much nicer like something on here,


And don't forget to ask advice of people at your gym, everyone had to start somewhere.

07-09-2008, 02:24 PM
like i said in the non-boxing forum, stick with ringside if you go with a non-brand name (title and ringside). It is higher quality and you might as well make a solid investment at first so that it will last you.

Your best bet are the 16oz Ringside IMF gloves. Its a staple at my gym and can be found in the arsenal of everyone there, from the beginners to the amateur competitors to the pros. They offer the best protection and are well-made.