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07-07-2008, 05:45 PM
*i have been building up to this for the past month and a half..
I am a complete newbie and am trying to get in great shape before i go to my local boxing gym. i want to be confident in myself before i step in there, so i can learn at my best, without getting all exhausted in simple exersices..

-my workout is as follows...

70 push ups
70 sit ups
120 crunches
25 leg extensions
chop wood 80 swings each arm
run for 30-40 min.

Jump rope 4 x 3 min sessions one minute break imbetween

2 x 70 push ups
2 x 70 sit ups
2x 120 crunches
2 x leg extensions
2 x wood chop 80 swings each arm
50 squats..no weight yet...new addition to regime
40 lunges...no weight yet...new addition
12 x 3 bicep curls 25lbs. ...unsure about this one..my brother told me to do it...eehh...i have read in another post its not really helpful though...

muscle milk....before bed...
i do this for two days then rest one day and only do one set of pushups, sit ups, crunches, leg ext, and ax swings on that day...

sunday is a long distance run day...i try to run for an hour or so...

and thats all folks

any tips or suggestions would be awsome!!

07-07-2008, 07:20 PM
that sounds quite good for a beginner, if you can do all that thats good and will get you prepared but honestly id just go to the boxing gym and get fit there........

throw some sprints in too if you must train at home before going to the club.

like 10 x 100 (rest in between each 100 m sprint)

or 4x400

also you dont need muscle milk that stuff is ****, in boxing you need to get as light as possible, and if you plan on fighting and come to the gym bulked up they will make you lose the weight.....not a prob for me cos im only 44.5 kgs haha but my mate was 80 kg when he started with his trainer and only 4 inches taller than me, hes down to 69 kg now and needs to get down to 64 kg