View Full Version : Damn Hell!

07-01-2008, 11:38 AM
Yesterday after months of practise in my back garden i went and trained for the first time in Hove ABC. I fort it would be an alrite night little did i know i had walked into hell.
the class was ran by Scott Welch former WBO intercontinetal champion and the warm up was a killer, we did sprint jogs squats burpees star jumps squat thrusts and thats the ones i can remember. i sweated more than i ever have lol once i got that out of the way we worked on cleanin up my technique and one thing i didnt do was keep my elbows tucked i kept on leavin them out so i have been workin on that also i didnt twist enough when throwing punches, i was told about the squashing the beetle with the back foot but i didnt do that consistanly but i worked on that then finally i went into the ring and did a round's worth of pad work i kept on crossing my feet over because i wanted to fight south paw but because my right hand is the stronger i had to fight orthodox at the end of the round the guy said i was really fast but i have to throw full punches in order to get proper force behind them. i travelled all the way from london to go there but i enjoyed it so im goin back on thursday!

mr tricky
07-01-2008, 01:23 PM