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07-23-2003, 12:21 AM
Javier "Showtime" Vazquez FREE Seminar

KOTC fighter Javier Vazquez will be hosting a free seminar, mostly geared toward kids wrestling in the city of Canyon Lake, near Temecula California on Saturday August 2nd. The seminar will be to spark interest for kids who want to wrestle in the area. Everyone is welcome to join and participate. There will be free refreshments and everyone who participates will recieve a free T-Shirt (while supplies last).

Vazquez may also be willing to have a mini submission-wrestling seminar at the same time. If there are enough submission wrestlers interested, Vazquez will split the seminar - having the kids wrestling on one side and the submission wrestling on the other.

Email Javier Vazquez if you're interested, at [email protected]

Curly Howard
07-23-2003, 12:34 AM
Now I really hate everyone in California. Javi rules!!!!!!