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07-17-2003, 08:04 PM

Tonight we started training for NHB.

we worked getting off the cage and then pancration sparring.

I sparred with Baroni (his name is george but he is Phil Baroni's cousin) my boxing defense aint that good but he would come in i would clinch and knee then i would push him off and leg kick

everything i threw landed solid.

i kneed him in the head and he kinda dropped so edson said no more knees cause we did not have headgear.

i beat baroni with a triangle and an armbar

then i had to fight Edson... JESUS ****ING CHRIST!

this is after an hour and 15 min of my traiing and his instructing Edson = fresh Ben = beat

we exchanged some punches nothing big then out of no where he kicks me in the ****ing head! right where my neck meets my head and i was like OK no big thing i brushed it off, 10 sec later i was like WTF!!!! i had to take a min.

then i kicked him in the side real good but he blocked wit his elbow and now my leg hurts

but i connected right after iwht a couple good leg kicks

i'm so tired!

gotta shower and go to work.

07-17-2003, 08:38 PM
thats what happened to Frank SHamrock when he broke his leg cleanly, the guy blocked his kick with an elbow i believe

07-18-2003, 02:47 AM
its not broke i been walkin on it and **** i just worked 5 1/2 hours on my feet and it only hurts when i straighten my foot out

07-18-2003, 03:00 AM
I just got home from work, which is 5 hours after this happened, my leg hurts so bad!

I cannot extend my foot without alot of pain and i can not curl my toes.

and of you kick boxers or fighters know what the problem could be and how i can fix it?

07-18-2003, 09:52 AM
Vulger did you forget your purse at the gym?

I will call the wahbulance for you right away

07-18-2003, 10:02 AM
Originally posted by Bzob
Vulger did you forget your purse at the gym?

I will call the wahbulance for you right away

I almost **** my pants when I read that lol