View Full Version : Frank Shamrock v.s. Cesar Gracie

Tanner Rhoden
07-16-2003, 08:29 PM
According to www.insidefighting.com, Frank Shamrock will be taking on Cesar Gracie, most likely at a January WEC event in Las Vegas. The fight is not officially signed, so press release will follow when all details are ironed out.


07-16-2003, 08:33 PM
You know so much good stuff you sexy bastard!!!

Tanner Rhoden
07-16-2003, 08:53 PM
This fight makes no sense

Kempo Chris
07-16-2003, 09:18 PM
Frank Sham is the man

07-16-2003, 09:53 PM
I heard it may be at the WEC show in LeMoore next month......

Kempo Chris
07-16-2003, 10:48 PM
the fight makes sense
Frank Sham talks alot of smack about the gracies

Mr. Beelzebub
07-16-2003, 11:18 PM
Why is he fighting Cesar??? He talks about everybody, not only the Gracies. He's turning into the new Rickson.

07-16-2003, 11:19 PM
I believe Cesar challenged him.....

07-16-2003, 11:50 PM
How old is Cesar?

07-17-2003, 08:44 AM
Shammy is the man.

Tanner Rhoden
07-17-2003, 11:06 AM
Originally posted by wondermut
How old is Cesar?