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Submitted by: Keith Mills
Posted On 07/15/2003

Fighting out of Team Freedom and trained by Robert Ferguson, Jeremy Jackson has made a big impression on fans that have been able to see him live this past year. Despite already having a reputation as a strong striker Jackson's manager just hired Adam Flores to hone his boxing skills even further. IFC Americas Welterweight Champion Jackson fights in the next IFC on July 19th where he rematches Nick Diaz, the U.S. Welterweight Champion and now word around backstage is Jackson is already set to fight Dennis Hallman in the UFC this fall.

To most fans the King Of The Cage 'Bad Intentions' show is the easiest to acquire. We started out talking about that fight, which Jackson took literally the night before.

KM: Did you learn anything from that fight? JJ: Yeah, I learned not to take fights on such short notice.

KM: That was only about a month or so before IFC last year. Were you already training for the IFC? JJ: Actually yes I was training for IFC to fight Eddy Ellis, which is Dennis Hallman's guy. Robert (Ferguson) gave me a call and said 'hey, do you want to take a fight?' and I said 'how much?'. He told me how much and said it was for the title and I said 'sure, why not?'. That's when Joe Stevenson really changed. His body structure changed, I don't know what was going on. The old Joe Stevenson I know just a few months before that fight was he was a little chubby guy with good wrestling skills and when I saw him coming down the ramp I saw a different Joe Stevenson. I saw a guy who had been up at Big Bear training and he was ready to fight Romi Aram. This guy was ready to go five rounds easy. I was ready to go maybe a round. He knew not to stand so he shot in and took me down and passed my guard.

KM: How did that one end? JJ: My corner guy threw in the towel because he didn't want to see me get hurt because I was training for the fight (in IFC). He actually took the mount and started punching me and dropping bombs and finally the towel got thrown in.

KM: Before I move on is there anything else you want the fans to know about how your game has changed besides you take training more seriously? JJ: I want them to know that night was not Jeremy Jackson. That was just a guy straight off the streets. I was training real hard but I wasn't ready for a fight, I wasn't 100%. I was dead tired. I was a blue belt then, now I'm a purple belt. My technique is good. People don't think my technique isn't that good because they saw what happened with Joe Stevenson but I want my fans to know I have really good ground skills. I'd put them up there with the best guys out there at 170 and I have a strong wrestling background. I just never use it because I want to entertain the people with knockouts.

KM: I think you showed some of that ground skill with Eddy Ellis fight in IFC. My perception was you got rocked with a punch and I think knocked down but then you recovered pretty quickly and went to an armbar. I recall him slamming out of that and returning to the feet and then you got that strong kick to the head and when he went down you pounced. How do you feel that went? JJ: Whenever I had an armbar I wanted it and I could have finished it but that ain't what I wanted and my trainers knew that also. A lot of people see that fight and see how deep I had it and everyone is wondering why didn't I just come out the back door and finish it. I wanted to knock him out. I had the armbar and he was trying to stack me so I just opened up my leg and was trying to act like I was going for a triangle choke to make him posture up so he could get out of it so I could push him away and stand. Most time I'm using my jiu-jitsu skills just to make them think I'm going for a submission so they'll want to get their hips up in the air so I can get away. I've had so many armbars even in my underground fights and I'm winking at the crowd but I always end up pushing away and getting up and knocking them out, even with open-hand palm.

KM: Even in the UA King Of The Mountain in the first round of the tournament again you were going for an armbar on the bottom. As far as people not respecting your jiu-jitsu skills those two in a row prove that wrong, that you do have that comfort, you just choose not to be there. How do you look back on that King Of The Mountain tournament? JJ: The first fight I could have finished Zach Light off in probably thirty seconds also but it was freezing cold and whenever we were getting warmed up we were getting warmed up outside. We never got a chance to get warmed up until my second fight. I had to warm up with my first fight.

KM: You weren't as typically aggressive as I'm used to seeing you. Would it be accurate to say it was because you were warming up? JJ: That's fine. I didn't want to come out throwing too many punches because I wasn't warmed up and I was real slow. If you watch the DVD I'm real slow the first round. I was actually out-boxed by him because he I those heavy gloves. I had IFC gloves and IFC gloves are huge while they had their little Chuck Norris KOTC Ouano gloves.

KM: I didn't notice that. JJ: Watch the second fight. I went up to the promoter and said 'look, I'm not fighting with these gloves. They are too heavy and I'm getting out-boxed by wrestlers.' He said 'okay' so he gave me another guy's gloves and the second or third fight I had a different pair of gloves.

KM: Did that being in a ring instead of a cage mean anything to you?JJ: JJ: Yeah, I like the ring better. The fans can see better.

In part 2 Jackson starts with his first fight with Nick Diaz, covers the Shonie fight, the upcoming IFC, and rumors of his entrance into the UFC.

IFC holds Warriors Challenge XVIII 'Big Valley Brawl' July 19th at Konocti Vista Casino near Clear Lake, CA. Tickets are still available through http://www.highsierratickets.com.

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Submitted by: Keith Mills
Posted On 07/16/2003

Jeremy Jackson fights a rematch against Nick Diaz on July 19th to unify their IFC Welterweight belts. Currently Jackson hold the Americas Welterweight belt while Nick Diaz holds the U.S. belt. Gil Castillo holds the IFC World Welterweight belt. Jackson appears to also be making his debut in the UFC this fall against Dennis Hallman.

Jackson is trying to change the sport itself with his fight strategy based around exciting fights, reminiscent of Carlos Newton's interviews but from a standup perspective instead of a ground fighter's perspective. Jeremy is much more well-rounded than many fans think, he just prefers to use his wrestling and jiu-jitsu skills to gain a standing position so he can knock his opponents out. Over and over again Jackson takes the perspective of making the fights more interesting for the fans, from his perception on preferring a ring so the fans can see to his basic strategy mentioned above. Bottom line is Jackson is focused on taking the UFC Welterweight belt and knows selling tickets will surely help him get there almost as much as having a great record. In part one Jackson was talking about his career up to fighting in the UA King Of The Mountain tournament.

KM: That brings us to Nick Diaz. What do you remember of it? JJ: I threw the left hook and saw him fall and then I hit him a couple more times. I saw he was still going for a leg lock so I knew he wasn't out of it so I backed out. I wanted to bring us both back to the feet because I didn't want to ground and pound and make it boring. I brought it back to the feet and I could see his punches coming a mile away because I'm always sparring with the best guys in the world in boxing. I can see punches coming a mile away.

KM: I was reading an interview with him. I know he didn't mean any offense to you but he was saying that he was trying to switch stances to confuse you like he might be able to trick you. Did that have any effect? JJ: No, I fight southpaw guys, I fight guys that are left leg forward, right leg forward…I just look at it as whichever leg is forward is going to get hit.

KM: How are you training for Diaz? JJ: The way I'm training for Diaz is the way I'm training for Hallman. The fight you are going to see with Hallman is the same fight you saw with Jens Pulver except it won't go past the first round, it will be a knockout. I hit a lot harder than Jens Pulver.

KM: Finishing up on Diaz this is for three belts, you have beat him before…what would happen if you did lose? JJ: I don't see that happening. If I did lose then there will be a rematch in WEC 7.

KM: That would only be about two weeks away. JJ: Either way he's screwed because let's say he does beat me, it's only by decision. If he does we'll have a rematch in August then he'll get knocked out then. If he taps me out I don't even want a rematch, I'll just admit he's better than me. He's not going to catch me, there is just no way. Last time I fought him I broke my hands on his face. I'm going to try not to break my hands this time. They let the fight keep going because the referee trains with him. Whenever I hit him and knocked him out I saw in his eyes he was out so I just kept hitting him and hitting him. After a while I just grabbed his head and started hitting him. It was terrible and I felt bad for him actually.

KM: All three of yours at King Of The Mountain were TKOs. Shonie Carter (WEC 2/27/03) was your only decision. Shonie was the stop to the TKO streak. How do you feel about that? JJ: I didn't like it. It made me mad because I told a lot of people I was going to knock him out. Shonie is really slippery and he's really smart; he doesn't stay still. When I was hitting him he doesn't care about turning his back and running, Shonie's got so much experience he's not there to please the crowd, he's there to win it. If he does feel good enough he will please the crowd but since he thought he was losing he turned his back and would run all the way to the other side of the cage. He didn't care.

KM: Anything else to get across to the fans at this time? JJ: What I want to get across is just to jump on the bandwagon because about a year from now I'm going to be holding Matt Hughes' belt and then I'm going to hold it for a long time because I'm young and I can hold it for ten years. I'm going to make it entertaining though. There's a lot of 170s that are good. People want me to go up to 185 or drop to 155…I want to stay where all the competition is. This is fun. There are so many guys I can fight, I love it.

KM: What is your normal walk-around weight? JJ: About 185-190.

KM: Any sponsors to thank? JJ: I'd like to thank Tapout, Shear Images, a tanning salon, and Maverick's Gym.

KM: Any website for either you or Team Freedom? JJ: http://www.submissionwrestling.com/ and also check out Global MMA.

Two parts of this phone interview with Jackson experienced difficulties with the tape. In the first segment Jeremy spoke of a submission tournament he was in where he beat Javier Vazquez before losing to Diego Sanchez in the finals. He was saying he had an armbar on Diego when they went out of bounds and the position was restarted with the armbar in a less threatening position, allowing Diego the win. In the second segment Jeremy speculated about his possible fights if he gets through Dennis Hallman in his UFC debut this fall. He was saying if they don't give him a shot at Matt Hughes right away he'd have Pete Spratt.

IFC holds Warriors Challenge XVIII 'Big Valley Brawl' July 19th at Konocti Vista Casino near Clear Lake, CA. Tickets are still available through http://www.highsierratickets.com.

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I love your confidence man, I ****ing love it. Thanks for mentioning Global.

Good luck and knock these mother****a's out!!!!

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Good interview, and good luck Jeremy.

Future ko king of mma.

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Jeremy didn't get to go up against Javi, bad phone connection, especially with cell phones, if someone calls while your on, you don't hear the person your talking to, it cuts out for the beeps, pain in the butt, but a mix up there.

Jeremy thought he would get to grapple with Javi but he was defeated by Diego.

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