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07-15-2003, 01:22 PM
I got this form FCFighter.com

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United Full Contact Federation & AFC:
Summer Slam
Held July 12, 2003
At the Lucky Eagle Casino
Rochester, Washington
By Mike Neva

Wit punching Greer
AMC Pankration fighter Charles "the punisher" Pearson, wanted to go out on top. He wanted to retire from the sport of mma on his terms. He wanted one last big fight before he rode off into the sunset. After defeating Darrell Smith in early March to retain his UFCF 155 lbs championship, Pearson stepped up to face his stiffest competition yet, American Top Team fighter, Edson Diniz. With the partisan hometown fans behind him, Pearson strolled to the ring confident and ready. The game plans were simple. Pearson, the kick boxer, wanted to keep it standing, and Diniz, the jiu-jitsu expert wanted to take it to the mat.

American Top Team head trainer Ricardo Liborio said of the fight "We planned to avoid his stand up game, his strikes, his knees, and we trained a lot of wrestling". Only seconds into the match it was Diniz who imposed his will, taking Pearson to the mat. Diniz patiently worked from half guard trying vehemently to attain full mount. However, Pearson was able to sweep and work back to his feet. From his back, Diniz instinctively grabbed Pearson's ankle, tripping him and bringing the fight back to the canvas. This would spell the beginning of the end as Diniz was able to trap Pearson's right arm pass to side mount and eventually sink into a tight arm triangle choke putting Pearson to sleep giving Diniz a hard fought submission victory.

In other action Landon Showalter scored a submission victory over the much-heralded Arizona prodigy Drew Fickett. Initially, Showalter appeared to be in a bit of trouble as Fickett locked in an arm bar, but Showalter was able wiggle out. After a Fickett takedown it was Showalter who adeptly worked in a tight triangle choke only three minutes into the first round. Roman Roytberg also made a triumphant return to the ring chopping down Cain Spaulding with devastating leg kicks. As the force of each kick echoed though out the arena, Spaulding finally had enough and called it quits mid way though the third round.

Muay Thai
Paul Gardner (Seattle, WA) def. Todd Young (Melba, ID) by verbal submission from an accumulation of punishment at 2:06 of round 2

Bryce Hamilton (Bellingham, WA) def. Cameron Brown (Port Moody, BC) by majority decision after five 2-minute rounds

Landon Showalter (Everett, WA) def. Drew Fickett (Tempe, AZ) by triangle choke at 3:00 of round 1

Roman Roytberg (Bellevue, WA) def. Cain Spaulding (Port Moody, BC) by verbal submission from leg kicks at: 54 of round 3

Muay Thai
Tristen Wit (Kirkland, WA) def. Benjamin Greer (Vancouver, BC) by TKO didn't answer the standing 8 count at 2:34 of round 4

Edson Diniz (Ft, Lauderdale, FL) def. Charles Pearson (Everett, WA) by arm triangle choke at 4:24 of round 1

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