View Full Version : Mike Whitehead clocks Danny Bonaduce HARD

Spare Moody
05-21-2008, 01:10 AM
happened yesterday on Danny's radio show. wasn't any beef but Danny always likes to throw with the pro fighter guests on the air just to see how long he can last (he's done it with ricco rodriguez and sugar ray in the past).

of course he doesn't last longer than 4 seconds with Whitehead but he said Whitehead threw, by far, the hardest hits he'd ever felt. they accidently smacked gloves when Whitehead threw his 2nd punch and this is what happend to Danny's ring that he was wearing underneith the glove

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Whitehead's fightin Renato Sobral in July. i remember how bad Chuck tore up Sobral before so hopefully he's improved that chin because Whitehead's no ****in joke...