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Curly Howard
07-11-2003, 08:59 PM
Dean Lister made quick work of Brian Sleeman after initially having problems taking the fight to the ground. But, on his back Lister made it look easy as Sleeman was caught with with his arm straightened and his hand, with the thumb down, on Lister's neck. Dean squeezed the guard tight and pulled the elbow to his chest for the tap.

In the other main event, Nate Quarry tried to keep the fight on his feet and bang with Ximu, but the Brazilian was content with throwing brief flurries and taking the Team Quest fighter to the mat. From there Ximu only offered a methodical strategy of outpointing Quarry for a slow three round decision.

The fight of the night was obviously Jeff Newton vs "A Dawg" Sullivan. Newton attacked Sullivan with an unorthodox, open striking style that included ax kicks, jumping side kicks, and a lead leg round house that found Sullivan's head often. Sullivan was finally able to finish the fight with an ankle lock.

The rest of the card went as follows:

Baki Def Kauai Kupihea Submission (Guillotine) 0:22 rd 1
Buck Meredith Def Harris Sariento TKO 3:41 rd 2
Chad Davis Def Kevin Cook Decision 5:00 rd 2
Alex Ricards Def Auggie Garcia Submission (Ankle Lock) 2:08 rd 1
Wes Combs Def Raul Delgado KO (Punch) 0:23 rd 1
Shad Smith Def Louie Vaith TKO 3:53 rd 1
Jeff Newton Def Allan Sullivan Submission (Ankle Lock) 4:06 rd 2
Randy Velarde Def Marcos Santos TKO (Injury) 5:00 rd 1
Thomas Denny Def Kyle Brees Decision 5:00 rd 2
Greg Mayer Def Jamual Perkins Submission (Choke) 0:38 rd 1
Jason Lambert Def Brian Lee Foster Decision 5:00 rd 2
Gustavo Machado Def Nathan Quarry Decision (Decision) rd 3
Dean Lister Def Brian Sleeman Submission (Arm lock) 1:14 rd 1

07-11-2003, 11:13 PM
Lister is a submission machine.

07-12-2003, 02:20 PM
Nice write up Curly!