View Full Version : Anderson Silva talks about Georges St Pierre

2swell k-wells
04-30-2008, 03:43 PM
After George St. Pierre crushed Matt Hughes and Matt Serra between the welterweights at the UFC, the Canadian hasn’t dismissed the possibility of put on weight. His target is the middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, that didn’t know about what St. Pierre intend to do. “I didn’t know about those Pierre ’s statements, you are giving me this information now. What can I say? I think what is most important is that I will be no unemployed (laughter). St. Pierre is a great fighter, but I would never put on weights to face the champion of the category. My weight is 98kg and I lose weight to fight at 83kg and I would never make that. But people talks what they want and if this fight really happen, I hope to make a good performance”, said Andeson that doesn’t know yet his next opponent.

“By now I am in fattening stage (laughter). I don’t have a bout scheduled and we are trying to make this fight against Roy Jones Jr.. This is a personal wish”, said the champion, that arrive at Rio de Janeiro this week to train at Nogueira’s brothers train benter and would like to train with his friend Paulo Filho. “Thanks to God Paulăo is recovered. Once again he shows that he is a samurai and overcome everything with friends help. I already set with him to talk and we are going to train together too”, said “the Spider”.