View Full Version : Getting the Triangle

06-28-2003, 02:35 PM
OK this can be done as a drill and is great and is also affective while rolling.

put someone in your guard

whey clast your bicepts

hold there hands with your arms. pull your amr in tight so there hands are stuck.

reach across with one of your arms (your right grabs there right)
this way you keep there left arm trapped in your right arm and you have there right arm in your right hand

pull/push there arm down tward your groinwhen down far enough use you left hand to push your opponents arm

AS THE ARM is about to pass your groinbring your leg over. IMEDIATELY grab your SHIN and tiangle.

do not worry if there hand is trapped in the triangle it will not take away from the choke.

you might have to pull the arm across but thats no big deal

if they get there armaround your thigh switch your legs and then pull down the head.