View Full Version : George St.Pierre vs Matt Serra

Don Corleone
04-20-2008, 12:31 AM
Round 1- GSP quickly gets Serra to the ground and lands some nice combinations to his head. He takes control of Serra while landing some shots to his head and continously getting the take down. They later stand up for a bit and GSP gets the best of the standup with a nice straight hand. GSP later takes him to the ground again and tries to get the rest of the punches of what was left in the round.

Round 2- They start off striking with a few clean pucnhes landed for GSP. They take it to the ground again and GSP again takes control of the ground game between them. Serra looks to be tired out and GSP lands some clean jabs. GSP later takes him down again and with just a few seconds left in the 2nd he gets in knees to Serra's stomach while Serra did not answer back with his hands to his face and trying to cover up and the ref stops it with a TKO victory for GSP and becomes the new welterweight champion of the world.

This was a great fight in which I was rooting for my favourite fighter in the MMA GSP. He proved his point when he said that he was a different fighter from his first fight. He mixed up his striking and take downs well. He said he was going to get the belt and he did. IMO he is now one of the greatest WW of all time. No one can argue that because he shows the most heart out of any fighter in the UFC and he is a great all round fighter.He was excellent in his style and showed that he would accomplish what he set out to do. Serra has to get some credit too as he came out to Montreal in the hometown of GSP with the fact that he was the champ. It was a great matchup and both showed much class at the end of it.