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04-16-2008, 12:57 AM
I just finished watching parts 1,2 & 3 of Glenn Johnson speaking out on the Dawson fight. The man spoke the truth, the piece was filmed just 2 days after the fight, and Johnson has no swelling, no bruising - not a sign of even being in a fight with Dawson.

As Glenn said, Dawson threw 90% of his punches at Johnson's head, and there isn't a single mark on him - and why is that? Because, as Johnson correctly stated, he blocked nearly everything with his gloves and forearms.

For the record, Dawson's face is swollen so bad his Mom wouldn't recognize him, because Glenn Johnson was able to deliver punches that actually LANDED!

Look, I have been involved in the sport before some of you around here were even born, and I for one am tired of judges who do not score a bout under the very criteria set forth under the Unified Rules Of Boxing.

You cannot score points for punches that are not landed "clean and effective". Certainly, you cannot be awarded a round in which your opponant is the "effective aggressor" and the one landing the "clean shots", while your punches are being blocked.

In other words - if you are running, and you are not landing punches - while your opponant is busy beating you about the head and shoulders - and body too for that matter - you lose the round - pretty simple.

If one fighter has the edge in two out of three of those rules for scoring a round - he is supposed to be awarded the round!!! Pretty friggin' simple. Rocket Scientists need not apply!!!

The three judges for the Johnson vs Dawson fight should have their state license revoked, and never be allowed to judge a fight again - period.

Furthermore the Florida Boxing Com. should seriously do some MAJOR house cleaning because it STINKS TO HIGH HELL and has for YEARS NOW.

04-21-2008, 06:11 PM
Explain the last bit. The earlier bit I am in agreement with.

04-22-2008, 01:18 PM
Explain the last bit. The earlier bit I am in agreement with.

About the FL. Box. Com.? They need to really take a look at themselves, starting from the top and going down. I have had some experiences with them that was, shall we say - less than helpful with puting on a show in their state.

First off, it's very hard to get in touch with them, it took nearly 3 weeks for them to bother even answering one of my phone messages - and I wanted to put a show on in their state!

Second, I have a serious problem with reguards to their handling of "fees" for an event, you see, I can rent the American Airlines Arena for a "Boxing" event and the Comish Fees (permit) for that 5,000 + seat arena is $250.00 not bad since the fee for less than a 5,000 seat arena is even lower ---

Now, if I rent the SAME ARENA for an MMA Event - the Comish Fee (permit) is a staggering $5,000.00 !! What the HELL is THAT???!!!

Last December, I put on a show called "Worlds Collide" which featured the best of both worlds, as it had Professional Boxing AND Pro MMA in the same ring on the same night. So guess what? The FL. Box. Com. charged me $5,000 for the MMA, and another $250.00 for the boxing! And the place only held 2,000! - WHAT??!!

To top it off, we were fiming the event, and I brought in a NFL Monday Night Football "production truck" - it cost big $$ - anyway, we got all 5 of the cameras set up for the event, just about to open the doors for this V.I.P. Only Event, and I will be damned if the Boxing Comish himself didn't come up at the last second and say - "Hey you can't have that camera up there behind us" (pointing to the camera 20 feet above and behind their table, which would give the VERY BEST SHOT of the RING and the CROWD!!!) He said the problem was that "the camera might pick up something the going on at the Fl. Box. Com. table."

He made us move the best shot in the house - which didn't really even have them in the shot - and he did it with less than 10 minutes to go before we opened the doors. - ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? I have been told that the guy is a convicted felon to boot - if that is true - what the hell is he doing running a "State Appointed Position" for????!!!

I don't even want to get into the fact that I had a "World Class Big Name Ref" that I wanted to bring in for the event - and they would not let me bring him in - because in their words - "it would upset the local refs" - so they made me use (and pay for) refs I had never even heard of before. Again, absolutely ridiulous.

Never Again.

04-22-2008, 07:25 PM
I am in total agreement RE the Glen Johnson decision , I watched the fight and was disgusted when the scores were revealed . I am gutted for him , he was robbed .

Virgil Caine
04-22-2008, 07:40 PM
I am in total agreement RE the Glen Johnson decision , I watched the fight and was disgusted when the scores were revealed . I am gutted for him , he was robbed .

Guess there's more money in a Tarver-Dawson fight then in Johnson-Tarver3:nonono: