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Orange Sneakers
02-12-2008, 11:30 PM
Muhammad Ali....

He trained the old school way, that is, roadwork in the morning and gym in the afternoon. His roadwork consisted of running 4 to 5 miles everyday at around 4 in the morning. Towards the end of his run, he'd shadow box for a few minutes then jog or walk back to his starting point. Ali would then do his calisthenics and ab exercises under the watchful eye of Luis Sarria, his personal masseur. He'd then have breakfast and sleep up to lunch time. In the afternoon, he'd go to the gym.

Gym work-
Warm up - side to sides, torso swivels, jumping around on toes to limber up

Skipping - 20mins, never staying in the same spot

Shadow boxing - 5 rounds (30sec breaks), working on footwork and speed punching

Heavy bag - 6 rounds (30sec breaks), working on combinations and stamina

Speed bag - 12-16mins

Rest 20-60mins

Sparring - 5-6 rounds at around 60% effort, built up over camp to 9-10 rounds at around 90%

Moving from 5th Street Gym to Gleasons Gym (or Gleasons Gym to 5th Street Gym) to nearest gym to fight location and changing sparring partners accordingly

Ali never lifted weights. His body, especially during the Cassius Clay era, was naturally developed and sculpted from endless calisthenics, which was big in boxing during that time.

Roy Jones Jr:

Morning (five or six days a week)-
Warm-up - touching toes, torso twists, side bends, push ups, full body stretch and bouncing on toes
Shadow boxing - 4 x 4mins (30sec breaks)
Heavy bag - 4 x 4 (30sec breaks)
Speed bag - 16mins (30sec break)
Double-end bag - 16mins (30sec break)
Jumping rope - 16mins (1min break)
Abs - 4 x 100 sit-ups, 4 x 100 leg raises, 4 x 100 crunches (30sec breaks)

After Lunch (four or five days a week)-

Evening (five or six days a week)-
5-mile run, leg extensions, squats, push ups and pull ups or (nearer fight) Sparring (4-12 x 4mins), 3-mile run, leg extensions, squats, push ups and pull ups

Roy did no upper body weights (until training for Ruiz) and says his physique was developed through hitting the heavy bag, push ups and pull ups. He did leg weights (after running) because he had bad knees but always low weight for high reps.

He says if he didn't play basketball he wouldn't be able to stay at the top in boxing, because he wasn't the best at basketball and needed that hungry attitude to carry over into boxing training.

And yes, I agree, Roy trained like a machine.