View Full Version : weight training for a 57 kilo first tiem fighter

02-11-2008, 02:56 AM
i have my first fight on the first week of march and im training 5 times a week like i have been for the past 8 months. but i was wondering if i done gym once a week and push heavy weights would it slow me down?? should i push lighter weights???

just wanted some advice if you guys can help me thanks

Count Patron
02-11-2008, 03:27 AM
How tall/old are you?

02-11-2008, 08:59 AM
How old are you?
Do you have any experience with weight training, if so how much?
What weight do you walk around at?

There's a lot of factors that come into play here...

02-12-2008, 06:35 PM
i just turned 18 on the 21 of jan, i do have experience with weights, i walk atround at about 57 58,im about 170 cm tall,

02-13-2008, 11:38 AM
I don't think you should do weights now, so close to your fight. Weights can get you injured when performed wrong so wait with experimenting till after your KO win

left right right good luck brother

02-14-2008, 12:23 AM
ok thanks alot mate i think it is better if i do wait, coz i felt really slow two days later at training

02-18-2008, 08:50 AM
I've never done much lifting ever. If I did any, it was small weights with high reps. You dont want to get your muscles big, because then it makes it harder to protect your body. If you do light weights with high reps, it will make your muscles more solid.

I am fighting at featherweight, but will be moving up to lightweight or even jr. lightweight after the gloves.

So my suggestion would be that if you are going to lift, just to light weights. Or even shadow boxing with small weights is fine.