View Full Version : The Long/mid Rang Hook

01-31-2008, 04:21 PM
ok, im having a proble mastering this. I fully understand how to to thrown the long rang hook with the lead hand transfering my weight putting the back foot down and the front foot up. This is the part i dont get is when i'm throwing the hook with the back hand is with my footwork... i tryed to transfer my weight with my footwork but it seem so unnatrul. So when i throw the back hook do i still put my back footdown and the front foot up?

01-31-2008, 04:35 PM
back hand? do you mean your rear hand?
I wouldnt throw that hook. But long mid range lead hook is a nice weapon, but only when you lunge with it.
First you put some weight on your lead foot, then you jump a bit forward to get range while doing that you transfer your weight to your rear foot and hook and plant your foot at the same time, so you do a small twist mid air and hook,

So in action, you can crouch a bit, then get inside with this hook, withouth telegraphing.
I try to master this one, i see roy and mayweather using it frequently, floyd patterson also used it. because when masterd its hardly telegraphed and has range and power. But be sure to do it with good form and keeping your guard tight, and chin down.