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01-31-2008, 12:53 AM
Was wondering about people's opinions on these, and what are some good workout routines.

01-31-2008, 08:31 AM
millions of different things to do.

I prefer anything i can improvise equipment with at the park... i do my box jumps on a cement retaining wall ect....

Rob Pilger
01-31-2008, 12:03 PM
If you want to be fast and explosive then you must use plyometrics. The Russians have been using these for years before America caught on. Heck, Russia and the eastern bloc countries are said to be 30 ahead of the US in strength/conditioning knowledge.

It all depends on your training age ( how long have you been training ) back ground ( do you have a solid strength base ) when using plyos. Plyometrics can easily cause injury if they aren't applied correctly. They can be hard on the joints and tendons because of the high kinetic energy created when using them. This is why a strength base is a must. Keep in mind also that the prerequisites for power are strength and speed, they equal power.

If you're new to them I wouldn't just go doing deph or box jumps, plyo push ups or explosive med ball tosses. Start with just the lading portion of jumps, so the body learns how to absorb force, this is VERY important. Mike Boyle made this popular for good reason. With tosses or throws, just do the concentric part, the throwing motion, don't perform the eccentric because of the stress on the joints and connective tissue. Do the lands and concentric throws for about 4 weeks then you can progress them.

The biggest mistake people make with plyometrics is the reps and speed of movement they use. Your not training for speed and power with reps over five. if you perform plyometrics slow, you miss the boat. It is the stretch reflex the motion from breaking eccentric to fast concentric that makes or breaks plyometrics, moving to slow in the amortization phase cause you to loose the elastic energy/plyometric effect. In fact Dr. Mel Siff stated that if the transition phase is prolonged more than 0.2 seconds it's not a plyometric exercise.

This is just the truth people need to hear about plyos as they are very often misused. When used right they can make the ordinary extraordinary.

Rob Pilger