View Full Version : Supermiddeweight Kenny Anderson? any good

01-29-2008, 03:56 PM
I remember watching him in the commonwealth games where he KO'd a few people. Most notably a complete novice from Papua New Guinea or something in about 15 seconds,lol. Anyway I remember being excited about him. Anyone know more about him.

Here he is KOing some dude on ITV in what looks like the comedy fight of the year.

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03-19-2008, 10:00 PM
He seems like a good prospect with a hard punch.

Someone who has fought only 5 times should obviously not be in against top opposition, but at the same time his promoter should attempt to make sure that he learns something from every fight by exposing him to different styles etc.

Sadly his promoter is Frank Warren, so in his next fight he's taking on someone with a losing record who he has already beat by 2nd round KO:pat:

Rocky Katsidis
03-22-2008, 03:20 PM
Kenny anderson is big prospect tho hes been ruined by his promoter and manager barry hughes, they aint getting him enough fights, hes only had 5, and hes fighting a guy hes already beat in his next fight.:nonono: kenny has said himself hes disapointed in how his carear is going, he was hoping to be fighting for the brittish title by the end of this year, but the way things are going a cant see that happening

Rocky Katsidis
04-06-2008, 11:04 AM
Ment to post this last week, but forgot.

UNBEATEN Capital super-middleweight ace Kenny Anderson has revealed what powered the savage right hander which defeated opponent Dean Walker at the SECC on Saturday night his fury at being butted above the left eye.
Anderson's killer punch forced the man from Sheffield, who had caused Anderson problems in a bout two years ago, to surrender in his corner just before the bell for round five was about to sound.

And alluding to Walker's return to seemingly dodgy ring tactics in Glasgow's SECC Braveheart Promotions show on Saturday, Anderson said: "Walker clinched every time he could in the first two rounds but I used a pre-rehearsed strategy of covering my head in the clinches with both my gloves so he couldn't rub his head in my eyes.

"But in the third round when I decked Walker for an eight count with a tremendous dig to the ribs he started the fourth by butting me and causing, thankfully, only a minor cut over my left eyebrow.

"Nevertheless, I was so angry that he should try and inflict a cut of the kind that cost me time and money the last time we fought that I went all out to make him pay for that butt."

And that is exactly what happened. Following the first signs of the slight cut on his eyebrow a clearly fired up Anderson tore after Walker and battered his ribs with a volley of spiteful hooks before dropping the Yorkshireman with the crunching right to the chin that forced Walker's corner to surrender.

Anderson's manager and promoter, Barry Hughes, explained why he had been forced to accept Walker again as an opponent for Anderson.

Said Hughes: "It was much against my own wishes having Kenny fight Walker again but mention the name of Kenny Anderson these days to fight managers and other British supermiddleweights and they don't want to know. My biggest problem is finding a British supermiddleweight of comparable experience to fight Kenny his six fights-six stoppage wins record frightens them away.

"So I'm going to have to go overseas to get Kenny the kind of opponents he'll need to fight on his eventual march towards a world title which I honestly believe he will achieve.''

04-06-2008, 11:39 AM
Only one month to go until his next fight. It's good that he's being kept active. He definitely seems to be one to look out for.