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01-17-2008, 12:42 PM
Hello to all,

Ive been boxing for around 18months now, my fitness has improved no end and ive developed a real affinity for the sport. My sparring sessions have put me against some much more experienced boxers yet ive always managed to handle the challenge, thing is my coach has asked me if I want to take part in a local comp which ive agreed to, only concern is my eyes!

I have pretty poor vision so I wear contacts whilst sparring, its never occured to me that it might be a problem until Ive read online that the aba doesnt allow contacts during fights. Ive sparred countless times with my soft lenses and they have never caused a problem, never fallen out or anything, My optometrist has never mentioned that its hazardous, he knows that I wear contacts for boxing, training and other sports.

I mean without contacts I can spar well, Im short sighted so I can see my opponent and his gloves, just not the detail however I wouldnt pass aba's visual acuity test. whats frustrating is I cant seen to find a reason why soft contacts would cause an issue!

I am keen to test my abilities against another person, Im at a loss to as off what to do now, should I just stick to sparring and private fights? any advice would be appreciated!

01-18-2008, 02:54 AM
I think that if you don't mention it to anyone, nobody will notice it.

mr tricky
01-18-2008, 11:54 AM
ho, i have the same problem i havent been asked to fight yet but im close ive been boxing for over year and spar all the time with my contact lenses in and never ever have a problem.

however i was told wen u do your medicAL test they ask about contacts and **** and if you wear them you cant box.

it really really anoys me and is the only thing stopping me.

i might try and lie and not tell, il just say i dont wear contacts because they are not egsactly going to check inside your eyes. i cant see that much wihtout them i can see thing close but things are blury at a distance.
laser eye treatment is an option wich costs around 250 an eye and they do laser thing