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01-12-2008, 12:56 AM
I weigh 262 and I'm trying to get down to 225. But, I want to be muscled. Tonight is my last night eating junk food until after my diet. I'm 18 years old and I have been fat since I was in 2nd grade. So can u help me.

01-12-2008, 09:36 AM
I found this on another forum, hope it helps.

Strength Training
Frequency: 5 times per week - eg... Workout A (M, W, F), Workout B (T, Th)
Sets: As indicated
Reps: Indicated
Weight: Bodyweight

Workout A:
Pushups - 25, 25, 25
Pullups - 10, 10, 10
Diamond Pushups - 15, 15, 15
Wide Pushups - 15, 15, 15
Chinups - 10, 10, 10
Mountain Climbers - 20 each leg

Workout B:
Squats - 100, 75, 65
Lunges - 100 each leg
Standing Calf Raises - to failure, to failure, to failure (could take a while)
Wall Sit (back against a wall, legs at 90 degrees) to failure, to failure, to failure
Burpees - 20, 20, 20

For Speed and Explosiveness
Plyometrics (Very Basic Routine)
Frequency: twice a week (not on same days as Workout B - Strength Training)

Squat Jumps - 10, 10, 10
Bounding - 50metres, 50 metres
One legged hops - 20 metres frontwards, 20 metres backwards (both legs)
Clap Pushups - to fail, to fail, to fail
Step Jumps - 30, 20, 10 (get something about calf height and jump sideways over it)

Anaerobic Conditioning

Interval Training
Frequency: 3 times per week (eg. M, W, F)

Pick a start line and mark off increments of 25 metres up to 400 metres. If you have a road with telephone poles on it, it works well as the poles are usually spaced 25 metres apart.

From the start line, sprint as fast as you can to the 25 metre mark. Stop, turn around and walk back to the start line.
When you hit the start line, immediately sprint to the 50 metre mark. Stop, walk back.
Do the same for 100metres, 200 metres, and 400 metres

(if you have anything left and haven't puked all over yourself, good, then work your way back down)

The idea is to push your heart rate up fast as you sprint and then return it to normal during the walk back (or at least close to it). These will hurt, I guarantee it.

Aerobic Capacity:
Frequency: 2 x per week (eg. M and Saturday)
Take a long run and by long I mean more than 45 minutes. Pick a good pace that you can comfortably run and then increase that pace as often as you can. It takes at least 15 minutes of continuous running before your aerobic system kicks in, so the first 15 minutes are a write off, after that you will begin to develop your aerobic capacity.

Boxing Specific:
Frequency: Ideally 5 times per week (2 days with a trainer and 3 on your own).
On your own - a basic routine.

1. Warmup - Skipping - 5 rounds of 3 minutes/round, 1 minute rest in between

2. Shadowboxing - 3 rounds of 3 minutes/round, 1 minute rest in between.
1st round - focus on footwork
2nd round - add a jab to your footwork
3rd round - do 1-2 combinations for the entire round.

3. Heavy Bag: (all are 3 minute rounds, with 1 minute rest)
Round 1: Footwork - push the bag and move around it, get the feel for moving in a proper stance. Move with the bag, around it and against it. Become fleet footed.

Round 2: Jab to the head. Move, stick and jab. Move stick and double jab. Practice your jabs the entire round (good shoulder workout)

Round 3: 1-2 combinations - Move and jab/right cross (straight right). Make sure you move right after you throw. Think circles and angles. Switch directions.

Round 4: 1-2-3 combination - Move and jab, right cross, left hook combination (these are your basic punches).

Round 5: Free for all - hit away

Round 6: Sprints - 1 minute of continuous punching to the head. Think speed, not power - let your hands fly as fast as you can.

If you want, add another Round but this time focus on 1 minute of power punches rather than speed. (If you are beginning, you are going to be wasted by now...)

4. Ab Work: 3 minutes - do as many reps as you can and switch exercises every 30 seconds. Repeat for another round if you can.

Basic crunches - 30 seconds
Basic situps - 30 seconds
Leg raises - 30 seconds
Bicycle - 30 seconds
Left side crunch (oblique crunches) - 30 seconds
Right side crunch (oblique crunches) - 30 seconds

5. Neck Exercises - Yes's and No's to failure
Yes's - lie on your back and bring your chin to chest and then back to the floor.
No's - lie on your back, lift your head about 45 degrees and then look as far left as you can, then as far right as you can, repeat until you can do no more.

01-12-2008, 09:39 AM
Get your ass down the boxing gym.

01-12-2008, 02:01 PM
Here is one you can try....it is focused on keeping your heart rate elevated....if you do this you will shed a lot of fat and gain a lot of muscle....i too am 260lbs and this work out got me pretty shredded its pretty intense so work your way into it....it actually got my body fat under 15% for the first time in a long time....Either way good luck man!!!!..and remember to eat right! 6 small meals a day, 60% protein, 30% carbs and 10% GOOD FATS, no carbs after 6pm...

Alternate weight and reps every 6 weeks.

WO # 2

Legs Rest 45 Seconds between Each Set
(All Exercises do in succession)

All Exercises 3 x 25 Week 1

• Squat 95lbs
• Squat to Calf Raise 95lbs
• ½ Squat 95lbs
• Squat Jump BW

3 x 25

• P Ball Hip Bridge BW
• P Ball Leg Curl BW
• Lunge Jump Right BW
• Lunge Jump Left BW

3 x 25

• Single Leg Squat Right BW
• Single Leg Squat Left BW
• Leg Press 400lbs
• Leg Extension 50lbs

Chest 3 x 25 Rest 45 Seconds between Each Set

3 x 25 Week 1

• Bench Press 95lbs
• Push-Ups BW
• Dip Hops BW

3 x 25

• Nautical Chest Press 95lbs
• Freedom Incline 40lbs Each Side
• Push Up Fronts Back & Forth BW

3 x 25

• DB Incline 35lbs
• Med Ball Push Up Hop BW
• DB Incline Fly 35lbs

• Cardio 9 Miles on Bicycle in 30 Minutes

WO # 2 Back

3 X 25 W/ 45 Second Breaks Week 1

• Nautilus Seated Row 96lb
• Nautilus Pull Down 96lb
• Band Reverse Fly Blue

3 X 25

• (Dumb Bells) Incline Row 20lb
• DB Reverse Incline Shoulder Press 15lb
• DB Incline Reverse Fly 15lb

3 X 25

• Bent Over Alternating Row Blue
• Down Hill Skiing Blue
• Bent Over Row Blue
3 X 25

• Negative Inverted Row All 3 Body Weight
• Plank’s Hello’s
• Negative Pull Up’s

AB Circuit – Body Weight – 1 X 25___

• Perfect Sit Ups
• Ear Muff Crunch
• Knee to Elbow Crunch
• Tuck Crunch
• No Hand In & Outs
• Stiff Leg In & Outs
• ½ Way Down Sit Ups
• Oblique Dips Right
• Oblique Dips Left
• Oblique Crunch Right
• Oblique Crunch Left

01-12-2008, 02:17 PM
I'm going to try the one in the first post today.

LOL at Msgrain.

Thanks guys

01-13-2008, 04:24 PM
No offense, but to me the second routine was too hard to comprehend. I'm going to loosely give the first one a bash.

01-13-2008, 04:41 PM
I weigh 262 and I'm trying to get down to 225. But, I want to be muscled. Tonight is my last night eating junk food until after my diet. I'm 18 years old and I have been fat since I was in 2nd grade. So can u help me.


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It's that easy.

01-13-2008, 04:49 PM

It's that easy.

Haha yh just click and you get them For free too.

Lol its the workout I'm gonna be using for the get in shape contest.

01-13-2008, 07:33 PM
are you taking any supplements?

2swell k-wells
01-14-2008, 02:03 AM
are you taking any supplements?

Hopefully not the ones you take.

"cough cough crack cough"

01-14-2008, 08:40 PM
^ stfu i dont take crack im drug free bych. go snort some coke hooooo