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05-06-2003, 03:36 PM
Sunday I had a good day in training, we went over spider guard techniques and I learned a simple yet effective sweep that I didn't previously know.

I train tonight at 7:30 pm and Thursday night we have a workshop with Blackbelt David Adiv. The focus of the workshop will be no-gi open guard. I will be competing in a tournament in August, the whole thing is no-gi. Figures, just as I was starting to like the gi.

I must currently revamp my weight training program to work around my BJJ training. I was doing too much in the weight room and not enough at class. Now that I am training BJJ more I must cut down my weightlifting to 2 - 3 days a week. Also I am going to try to find a program that will benefit me more with my sport instead of just trying to look good. I plan on working on cardio 1 -2 times a week, because rolling in class is cardio in itself. I don't want to over train.

I plan to start stretching daily, my goal is to become more flexible all around and to be able to do a full split one day in the future. I figure this can only help my BJJ game and will eventually help me if I move on to MMA.

Magic Man
05-06-2003, 09:29 PM
yep, there is a definite trade off between weightlifting and BJJ - at the moment, because of all the DOMS from weights, I can only really effectively do BJJ twice a week, maybe 3 times a week max...and this means I am sore EVERY time I roll and so I'm sore all week.

I wonder what sort of routines people like Arona, or Silva etc do, that would help so much if you could find their routines....then agian I bet you wouldn't have enough time in a week to do it all with a job and all.

05-06-2003, 11:27 PM
Magic Man, I hear you completely on that one bro. I wanna train towards MMA but I really wanna see my benchpress numbers go up at the same time, and it won't happen that way. :)

Ok, tonights journal.
Had a great training session tonight, worked more open guard stuff with the gi. We did the same spider guard **** that we did on Sunday, which is good for me because I needed to go over it again anyway.

My open guard is improving leaps and bounds, while my top game is still somewhat solid. I didn't work the spider guard as much as I'd like to while rolling live, but I did work a few armbars and even hit a couple triangles. I have to work on rolling against heavier, stronger guys because I was clueless against one guy who basically held me down till I wore out and hit a kimura two times in a row.

I was happy with tonights training and if I'm not completely dead tomorrow I'll be at it again in the morning. Till next time.

05-06-2003, 11:55 PM
You better go in the mornin *****!

05-07-2003, 01:32 PM
I woke up today at my usual 4am. I didn't fall asleep last night till about 12:15pm so I'm not running on much sleep. I worked 5am-9am, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went too BJJ at 11 am.

Training was ok, although I felt VERY tired physically. We once again worked the same open guard drills as the past two times and I felt good with them, although when live rolling came about I was very winded and my muscles seemed fatigued. I did not do well at passing the guard or keeping my guard from getting passed. I know I am improving with those positions, I think I just did so bad because of being tired. I was working triangles and armbars well but wasn't finishing.

I go back to work 3pm-7pm tonight and then I'm going to get an early sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'm not working the afternoon shift so I'm going to take a nap which will make me fully refreshed for the workshop. Even though I had a bad day I'm happy that I was motivated enough to even go train. Till next time...

Magic Man
05-07-2003, 07:28 PM
you have one ****ed up time schedule LB.

05-07-2003, 07:37 PM
If I slept like that, I would have killed myself after a week...

05-08-2003, 10:41 AM
me too i need 9 hours

05-08-2003, 03:17 PM
Yes my time schedule is ****ed up, it sucks. I do what I can with it though.

05-08-2003, 03:39 PM
Where do you work to have those hours??

05-09-2003, 10:27 AM
I work at a gym. I'm the manager and I open up at 5am. Then I get a break during the day (sometimes I have bjj at this time, sometimes I lift and do cardio) and I go back to work later on.

Anyway, back to the journal. Today is Friday, no BJJ today. Last night I went to a workshop with BJJ blackbelt David Adiv. He came to our school. He focused on working the open guard without the gi and I learned alot of principles I hadn't previously known. Hopefully this will help my no-gi game, and it will definately help my bottom game which I beleive is lacking. I didn't do any live training last night, just some light drilling and tried to absorb as much as possible from the workshop. 4 guys got their blue belts last night and I think I'll get mine at the next workshop which is about a month from now. I just have to keep working hard.

I've got alot of stuff going on today and tomorrow, but I'm going to try to train both Saturday and Sunday. If I can't do both days I'm definately going to do at least one. Saturday is open mat day and Sunday is a regular class. Then Monday I go in the morning for no-gi.

I'm seeing definate improvement in my game and it's proof that the hard work is paying off. Till next time...

05-10-2003, 07:26 PM
Today is Sat. May 10. I went to open mat and did alright. I worked some techniques with one guy for a while, practicing stuff that we have gone over lately in class. Then I rolled live with a blue belt and that was pretty good. He was lighter than me but we had some good rolls. I did well. My instructor beat my ass a bunch of times and then I was done for the day. Not a real tough day but got some quality rolling in. Also I was watching a teammate of mine who will be competing in the ADCC... he's gonna be tough.

Anyway, I hope to train tomorrow as well but I don't know if I will or not. It depends on what family has lined up since its mother's day and all. Till next time...

Magic Man
05-10-2003, 08:00 PM
good ****, keep it up LB! whos your friend whos competing in adcc?

05-10-2003, 10:14 PM
I train with him, his name is Mike Mrkulic. We don't really know eachother but he goes to the same gym as me. He also has his own school, he is a purple belt. He seems like a cool guy.

05-13-2003, 01:24 PM
Today is Tuesday. I didn't train Monday because I only had 4 hours sleep and I was too tired.

I'm training tonight at 7:30pm. Lifted this morning after work.

05-14-2003, 02:15 PM
It's 2:00pm on Wednesday, just got home from BJJ.

Training last night went well. We worked on getting back into guard from knee in the belly and sidemount. We also worked on 93 guard and how to do a few gi chokes, the kimura, and a few sweeps from that position. Overall it was a great class and I did well rolling live at the end of class.

Today(wednesday) we went over the same stuff as last night. Rolling live I did well although it was against less experienced guys. I was able to effectively work my submissions though, which I was happy about. My positions are improving as well. I was able to more effectively hold the mount, side mount and north/south positions.

What I really need to work on is protecting my neck. Too often I let the guy grab my lapel and I almost get choked out all the time. That's all for today.... going to take a nap and then lift tonight around 7:30pm. Till next time...

05-19-2003, 08:50 PM
Worked all weekend so I couldn't train.... Trained today at 11 am.

Did no-gi today, felt great to be back on the mats. Today was a short training session and class was taught by one of the purple belts because my instructor hasn't gotten home from Brazil yet. He was there coaching a teammate at ADCC.

I learned a new way to take the kneebar from the half guard. I learned a simple counter to the kneebar also, but a cool counter to the counter. Already tried it out and I like it alot.

Rolled live and was pleased with how I did. Haven't rolled without the gi in a while but I have to get used to it since I'm doing a tournament in August that is strictly no-gi. Worked my kneebars nice and hit a few toe holds. Still having problems finishing the straight ankle lock but I'll get there. Worked well with taking the back and transitioning to an armlock. Can't wait to train tomorrow.

That's all for today. Training tomorrow night at 7:30 pm. Till next time...