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04-23-2003, 07:00 PM
Right now i am about 11-12% bf and i want to get ripped for the summer, so i am planning on dropping to 7-8%, hopefully that will get me there. I am on a diet, no carbs. I carb up every 72 hours, and i ordered 1-test/1,4andro. I plan on taking 100-150mg of 1-test a day <not sure exactly yet, prolly 150 and 600mg of 1,4 andro to get lean gains while decreasing my bf a lot. This is day 3 of my diet today. It's hard as hell to stay with it already but i will.
Also, i will be on the supplements for about 3 full weeks, cause they are expensive, about 115 bucks for just that, so i won't be ordering anymore (at the end of the summer i will tho), cause i am a cheapass.
I will try to keep ya updated, but these 3 weeks ahead of me are going to keep me busy, i have tests and tests then finals are coming up so i will try.


well the pic isn't showing but it's the pic in my av, i will try to figure this out. Hopefully i will see good results.

Diet goes like this:

Breakfast 3 egg whites/1 whole egg

snack- 60g protein shake

lunch- boneless chicken <lemon pepper seasoning), green beans

snack- protein shake

dinner- boneless chicken, corn

i sometimes have a salad with low fat dressing and i usually watch that. The salad=just lettece, nothing else. Im taking in about 1900 kcals a day, maybe a little more or less.


04-23-2003, 08:04 PM
my only problem is keeping track of what i intake everyday. is this just a typical day or just a one day thing, tom>?

04-23-2003, 08:21 PM
this will be a typical day for about a month-month 1/2, depending on how i progress. I never really had a strick diet because i was never really overweight. But i just want to see a defined 6 pack at least once. Today is my refeeding, carb upping, day so in conjunction with the diet above, i ate about 2 cups of cereal, some orange juice and i will prolly eat some bread. I am depriving myself of a lot but i really want this diet to work. Hopefully i will increase my lean body mass and get to 7%. we will see

ALso, i don't drink any juices/soda or anything with sugar in it, just water for now during my diet, except on the carb up days i will drink some oj