View Full Version : I'll be attending SpiritMC13 (HW Grand Prix) tomorrow!

Virgil Caine
10-13-2007, 05:48 AM
Well, so long as tickets don't sell out before the event (though i spoke with someone from the stadium and he said I should be ok.. would just get'em online if I could understand the damn Korean).

I'll try to report back on what I see.. particularly if I see anything very impressive. This is a smaller org. (though not in Korea), but Korea has a lot of upcomers right now, and also SpiritMC just partnered (or were purchased by?) EliteXC.

They have a promo vid. up for this event here, including vid. and details on the major fighters:

Here's the scheduled fights:

1st Welter Reserve Hong-seok Kim VS Jung-hyun Cho 1R 5 / 2R 3
2nd Welter Rookie Final 8 Wan-ki Chae VS Gu-yeon Won 1R 5 / 2R 3
3rd Welter Rookie Final 8 Seung-hwan Kim VS Young-sam Jung 1R 5 / 2R 3
4th Welter Rookie Final 8 Nam-sun Kim VS Ho-joong Kim 1R 5 / 2R 3
5th Welter Rookie Final 8 Jae-hyun So VS Ok-myoung Kim 1R 5 / 2R 3
6th Welter Special Dae-gun Kim VS Ki-young Nam 5mins 2R
7th Heavy GP Final 4 Joung-kyu Choi VS Kelvin Fitial 5mins 2R
8th Heavy GP Final 4 Jae-young Kim VS Murata Ryuichi 5mins 2R
9th Welter Rookie Final 4 2 mat. winner VS 3 mat. winner 1R 5 / 2R 3
10th Welter Rookie Final 4 4 mat. winner VS 5 mat. winner 1R 5 / 2R 3
Break Time
11th Middle Special Tae-hwa Lee VS Chang-seop Lee 5mins 2R
12th Welter Special Yun-young Kim VS Sang-il Ahn 5mins 2R
13th Heavy Special Dek-young Jang VS Kyeong-ho Kang 5mins 2R
14th Welter Rookie Final 9 mat. winner VS 10 mat. winner 5mins 2R
15th Heavy GP Final 7 mat. winner VS 8 mat. winner 5mins 3R

Virgil Caine
10-13-2007, 06:02 AM
After a quick glance at the records, i predict the winner of
Joung-kyu Choi VS Kelvin Fitial to win the tourny.

Joung-kyu Choi has a better record, but is really a lhw.

Here's his record: