View Full Version : Feb. 2

10-08-2007, 04:42 AM
According to MMA Junkie, Randy Couture is rumored to be defending his title on February 2 (Superbowl Weekend). I don't know of anyone who is in line for a title shot, and considering what a big weekend this is, I am hoping something big will go down.

Sylvia and Vera are fighting at UFC 77 but neither of them are in title contention. If Sylvia wins, I doubt that anyone would care to see him defend against Couture. If Vera wins in devastating fashion, he doesn't have the clout to go against Couture.

There are rumors that Big Nog will be fighting Kongo. Whichever one wins will be given a title shot. I would love to see Big Nog challenge Couture. That would be the next best thing considering that Fedor is nowhere to be found. Kongo would not be worth it. It would be another Sylvia vs Couture battle.

Mir, CroCop, Arlovski, Pe De Pano, Werdum, and whoever else is in the HW division are not in title contention.

I hope we get a good event. Other than Dec. 29, I am not looking forward to much else.