View Full Version : The Psychology of Stupidity

09-19-2007, 11:28 PM
Terry Martin has Chris Leben rocked, and what does he do? Showboat, and calls Leben forward. He hits Leben with another two shots and allows his ego to become inflated, loses focus and then it gets dark. He hears a loud thud (his head hitting the canvas), wakes up just in time to see UFC getting closer and closer (Chris Lebens glove). Martin? I thought no one in the UFC 185 lb division could handle you? You're a psychologist?

So Din Thomas backtracks across the cage to disrespect Kenny Florian. Kenny takes him down and beats his ass. He kicks Kenny off. Kenny gets back on him. He kicks Kenny off again. He is relieved that he doesn't to suffer the shame of having gotten butt****ed on live TV. And what does he do now that he is up? Goes for a takedown, injures his leg, and gets smacked around and RNC'D.