View Full Version : Micheal Bisping's father attacked in the 02 Arena car park

2swell k-wells
09-11-2007, 08:00 PM
"Nobody knows what happend before the press conference" he told us, "Just before I walked in, I got a phone call saying that my dad had been attacked in the car park by several people." Bisping tried to come to his father's aid, but was unable to find him. "A security guard came down on a moped and I jumped on the back of the moped and we were flying around looking for him and we hit a road block." Not the ideal situation to meet the press after a controversial decision. So when reportes suggested he lost the fight, Bisping lost control a little bit. "It wasn't the right thing to say, but there was things that went on beforehand." he explains, "The guys that asked the questions, I apologize to them but I had just been in a spin for the last 10 minutes."

On the controversial decision, "The Count" also has a lot to say. "The fight was very close, you know, and he surprised me a little bit and he's improved." He was also very complimentary of Matt's improved stand up. "He came out and he shocked me in round one, I'd dedicated most of my training to defending the takedown because that's what I thought he was going to do. He hit me with a right hand that rocked me a bit and I had to recover." But still thinks he won the fight "So round one, definitely his. But rounds two and three I think I did a better job." he continued, "I still was beating him to the jab and slipping his punches."

On his post-fight comments Bisping had this to say, "That was just me having a go. You know the way I am, sometimes I talk first and think later." He admits that telling Matt to go back to wrestling wasn't neccesarily the best thing to say, but he's quick to add "it was only 60 seconds earlier that we were punching each other in the face." His final word on the subject was simple, "He is a good fighter and perhaps I should have shown him more respect."

He spoke about the fans reaction on the internet aswell, "Fans are always going to have their opinion and they can say what they want, people will always have conspiracy theories. I took a close decision, so the judges were corrupt. If I'd have lost, I wouldn't be good enough to fight on Cage Wars let alone the UFC"

Perhaps what will interest fans the most is that Bisping is determined to have a rematch, "I called Marshall Zelaznik (Ed. UFC UK President) and asked him to speak to Dana and Joe on my behalf and tell them that I want a rematch. You know that's what the fans want, it's worth doing again, I'll do it wherever they want to do it."

$ LegenD $
09-11-2007, 09:00 PM
still this fool left a sour taste on his attitude....i thought this cat had more class......actually before the fight i hated matt...now im a fan........bisping better give him a rematch this time i bet anyone it does not go to the scorecards......

Virgil Caine
09-11-2007, 09:12 PM
It was a bad decision, but that really shouldn't be taken up with the fighter (unless he literally paid the judges himself). His behavior was pretty classless, but to me it just shows that hes an arrogant dickhead. Ofcourse a fighter will think he won in this situation, especially because so much was riding on the win. Whats needed is judging reform.

09-11-2007, 11:08 PM
Bisping had trouble finding his dad because of the cuts and swelling around his eyes that he had absorbed "beating" Hamill...

09-11-2007, 11:31 PM
haha bych thinks he won the last 2 rounds

09-12-2007, 08:39 AM
Even the UK fans are sick of this guy!

09-12-2007, 10:20 AM
How's this for a new scoring system for the UFC?

MMA round scoring system

The points awarded to each fighter are based on three main components. Those components are: Clench Effectiveness, Ground Effectiveness, and Effective Striking (Clench striking goes under Effective Striking).

The Maximum points a fighter can get awarded per round is 10. The fighter with the most points per round, will win that round.

The point system is as follows:

Clench Effectiveness
3 points Takedowns and/or throws are occurring at will.
2 points Takedowns/throws remain frequent and the stuffing of takedowns are frequent when attempted.
1 point Half-hearted Takedowns/Barely stuffing takedown attempts

Ground Effectiveness
3 points Dominating Ground N Pound, 1 way domination with submission attempts.
2 points Dominating submission attempts and effective counters, solid Ground N Pound.
1 point Half-Hearted Ground N Pound, Mediocre submission attempts/counters.

Effective Striking
4 points 1 way punishment
3 points Dominating standing war, dominating with counter punching.
2 points Barely losing standing war
1 point Run-by jabbing, Gun shy.

Example of system:

Round One
Clench Effectiveness 0
Ground Effectiveness 1
Effective Striking 1
Round Total 2 points

Round Two
Clench Effectiveness 1
Ground Effectiveness 2
Effective Striking 2
Round Total 5 points

Round Three
Clench Effectiveness 2
Ground Effectiveness 2
Effective Striking 3
Round Total 7 points

Round One
Clench Effectiveness 3
Ground Effectiveness 2
Effective Striking 4
Round Total 9 points

Round Two
Clench Effectiveness 3
Ground Effectiveness 1
Effective Striking 3
Round Total 7 points

Round Three
Clench Effectiveness 1
Ground Effectiveness 1
Effective Striking 2
Round Total 4 points

Round 1
Bisping 2
Hamill 9
Round one to Hamill

Round 2
Bisping 5
Hamill 7
Round two to Hamill

Round 3
Bisping 7
Hamill 4
Round three to Bisping

When faced with a draw due to rounds being even, you then go to the total points.