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08-13-2007, 11:43 PM

Q: What did you think about doing the ESPN interview for your upcoming fight while sitting right next to Gabriel Gonzaga?

Couture: I think people freak out when two guys who are going to fight each other are next to each other.We share respect as fighters, and so itís not like in boxing.Weíll fight each other at UFC 74 and what happens, happens, but weíll still have respect for each other after the fight.
Q: Thereís a size difference clearly, what do you think about that?
Couture: Iíve just come off of 10 weeks of training camp and in camp I worked with a guy who is bigger than Gabe, so he will actually be a step down for me.But with any of the bigger athletes, I have to be smarter and use my head.
Q: What did you think about the Mirko Cro Cop knockout?
Couture: I was as surprised as anyone.The fight was going pretty much as I expected it to go, with Gabriel getting Cro Cop down on the ground and using elbows, but that headkick came out of nowhere. It was well-timed and well-placed.
Q: Are you ready to fight Gonzaga?
Couture: Absolutely. I have one more week of hard training, and then I start to taper for the fight. But right now I feel good, and I am ready to go.
Q: Do you think you have an advantage fighting here in Vegas?
Couture: Well the Mandalay Bay Events Center has air-conditioning, so climate wonít be an issue.The week of the fight may affect Gonzaga a little bit because itís usually the hottest month of the year here in Vegas. But I donít think it will make much of a difference. The only advantage is this is my home, and so I can stay at home and sleep in my own bed, drive my own car -- those will be the only things that differs between us.
Q: Do you think the fight will go all five rounds?
Couture: I think this fight has the potential to go all five rounds. I am prepared to go all five rounds. But I donít expect either one of us to make mistakes, so itís going to be a tough, competitive fight.
Q: Looking at the heavyweight division, if you beat Gonzaga who would you like to fight next?
Couture: I donít really have a hit list.Somebody different, the landscape of the heavyweight division is a little rocky, but I havenít thought much past this fight.
Q: What did you think about doing the Improper Bostonian cover shoot with Gonzaga?
Couture: Iíve been doing this for 10 years, and have posed with a lot of my opponents, so this is nothing new. Itís an interesting magazine ó I keep telling Dana that heís a true Improper Bostonian (laughs). I look forward to seeing the cover and reading the story.

08-14-2007, 05:17 PM
Randy is pure class. I hope he beats Ganzaga.

08-18-2007, 05:15 PM
I agree, I was so happy when he won the Heavy Weight Championship.

08-18-2007, 08:28 PM
yo ninja whos that in ur sig gettin knocked out lol