View Full Version : Last minute tickets for the khan hate train?

07-11-2007, 06:29 PM
ok, up to now i've been pretty neutral in respect to amir khan. i think he's skillful and will enjoy watching him fight win or lose, and i am still in the wait-and-see camp when it comes to the glass chin debate.

but after hearing him on radio 5 earlier, i think his personality has reached new lows.

firstly, as a british asian myself, i find his lack of eloquency embarrasing. he just can't give a good interview because his mouth works faster than his brain, and coupled with a limited vocabulary, this only allows him to talk in boxing cliches or regurgitate what other people have told him. hatton, joe, haye, limond....even carl froch gives a better interview than this guy.

it sounds like he's trying to hype himself up a la prince naz, but the difference is naz could be genuinely witty, which is an attribute khan is severely lacking. in short, although he may have a good boxing career, i don't think he'll ever be half the personality of a bruno, hatton or even hamed.

i don't think there is anything wrong with being confident about a fight or even looking beyond your opponent. part of me hopes he goes on and does great things, but another part of me wants him to learn humility....whether this be by getting beaten in the ring, or just someone he respects sitting him down and explaining to him that he sounds like a complete fool.

07-11-2007, 07:08 PM
I think Warren should give him a clip round the ear, hes getting a bit ahead of himself, he did do a nice jester though building a big gym in Bolton for the locals. We will soon see if he can fight at European level if he does well vs Limond, hopefully fight Bami or Melero depending if he wants to stay at lightweight or light welterweight. Limond will be a good test for the lad, but style wise hes perfect for Khan.

Limond may come out early in the first couple of rounds and suprise a few people but I feel Khan's speed and accuracy will come to play. Im holding back on the Khan hype train at the moment until he beats a recognised counter puncher with power. He isn't in the easiest weight division either and if he moves up it's just as hard, I can't see him ever beating someone like Casmayor, might be judging him to early but he needs to work on his defense as his chin is left wide open half the time.

It's about time some of the younger British fighters started stepping up the plate more, John Murray who im a fan of has been static in the level of fighters he is fighting, what a terrible mess the young guy has got himself into 21st fight and fighting guys with a record of 6-4. Kevin Mitchell is on his 23rd fight and isn't pushing either. It's a shame that promoter's in this country never take risks with there fighters. Froch is 30 in a short career, why is he fighting Robin Reid next? I honestly don't know he should be taking chances with fighters like Inkin while he waits for his shot. When Hatton & Calzaghe retire the only guy i can see filling the mold of truely world class is Haye, after that it's looking bare at the moment.

07-11-2007, 09:04 PM
What weight does Kevin Mitchell fight at again?

The Monk
07-12-2007, 06:24 AM
Well said mate. I'm a big Amir fan but his interview disapointed me immensly. I hate it when people say "do you know what I mean", he needs to stop that. Also, I started to hear a resemblence between Khan and Hamed, I know this kind of talk aided Hamed but I dont see how it will help Khan as I dont think its really in his character.
He seemed to forget his fighting a pretty good boxer this weekend and if he doesn't focus 100% he might get a shock. Im sure he'l still win but I'd rather hear the Amir Khan of old rather than the new one. Personally I dont see how Warren can put him in a world title fight when he has only fought featherfisted fighters. Warren seems very scared about Khans ounch resistance which is worrying.

07-12-2007, 07:43 AM
I'll admit.. i have been one of Khans most vocal critics. The reason being that, i feel as if he got to much exposure for to little, to soon. As a fledgling fighter he should not have been getting sponsership deals at his 2nd or 3rd fight. He should be honing his craft.

I also dislike the fact, that those people who do not really follow the sport as much as us, believe he is the best in Britain.

If Khan has started believing his own hype, then he is entering a world of trouble.

And... Khan is certainly not as witty or smart as Naz.