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03-04-2003, 04:29 PM
50 crunches
20 pushups
40 twisters (bike situps)
150 jumping jacks

3rds jump rope
3rds shadow boxing
3rds heavy bag (100% as much as possible)

1/4 mile jog
1/4 mile walk
total 1/2 mile (would have done whole mile but need to meet up with father at 6 so i had to cut everythign short)

light weights for shoulder to help strengthen again.

pull up/Dip machine 20 of each (i can't do one on my own yet so i use the machine SHUT UP! STOP LAUGHING!)

is this a good workout?

After a workout like that should i repeat my warm up of

50 hard crunches
20 pushups
40 twisters (bike situps)
150 jumping jacks

as a cool down?

what additions could i make to this to make it more affective?

should i do this in the morning or evening or both if possible?

Kempo Chris
03-05-2003, 04:20 PM

03-05-2003, 05:36 PM
I agree with Chris, I would throw in some squats as well. You would be best off doing this in the morning, before breakfast if possible. Doing it at night timwe wouldn't hurt, but if you are rolling etc, I wouldn't bother with it for now, unless you are really trying to cut a lot of weight quick.

I would do your warm up as a cool down also

03-05-2003, 05:51 PM
suats with or without weights?

I need some shoulder stregthening exercises as well.
I need to put some power back in my hurt shoulder.

03-05-2003, 06:01 PM
Main problem i run into is taht i wake up (now taht i'm on break) at 2pm do my warm up then go box at 3 and finish around 5 or 6 then eat breakfast

when school starts i wake up about 10. and have class at 11.

should i start waking up at 8 or 9 to work out?

so at the moment the problem i run into is when my evening is and when my morning is caue iwon't take my ripped fuel after 5 pm cause i will never sleep.

and yes I'm tryin to drop ALOT of weight. about 45 lbs.

any more sugestions you can give?

03-05-2003, 07:46 PM
You really need to find a solid maintainable balance between sleep, training and all your other committments...once you have found this, you will find that you will minimise the chance of over training and your gains will greatly increase

03-05-2003, 08:06 PM
sincei am trying moreto lose weight and tone than build is it ok to work the same muscle group everyday instead of giving itthe normal 48 hours to recover?

03-05-2003, 08:23 PM
I would still give body parts a decent rest between weight sessions. Not such a problem with body weight exercises, but with weights, I would still give break

03-05-2003, 08:30 PM
what about strengthening my shoulder back to normal?

03-05-2003, 08:32 PM
how would you divide up the workout to make it shorter and more affective?

i was thinking warm up and mabye running in the mornin

afternoon (if i don't work) boxing

evening light weights high reps

night BJJ and or running again with cool down

03-05-2003, 10:43 PM
I think you have just answered your own question very well right there!