View Full Version : I can't get a sanctioned bout because of this hand injury I have, getting surgery

03-25-2007, 11:55 AM
look this board really doesnt know the whole 9 about me but here it goes. When I was 19 I ****ed my right pinky up to where I can't close it. the tendon is snapped. Didn't think I'd try to box then, so I just didn't get it fixed. back before I ****ed up my right hand, i had this straight right hand that was pretty good. Didn't **** it, really quick, and really accurate. in it's place I have an ugly wide looping right hook and only use a weak straight right to setup my left hook.

anyway, wednesday, they're going to goto work on me, cut me open, and put some plastic rods in my hand, its 1 of 2 surgeries I gotta have..Then they're going to graph a tendon from my calve, and put it on my finger...the doc told me I might not even be able to make a fist when all is said and done with and that makes me real ****in' sad, but he also told me it's worth a shot, so im takin the shot.